Proxmox Watch Out! TrueNAS SCALE Is Coming for You

Interesting new project from iXsystems:

SCALE is an exciting new addition to the TrueNAS software family. It uses much of the same TrueNAS 12.0 source code, but adds a few different twists.

For those eager to know more about the the goals of the SCALE project, they are defined by this acronym:

S cale-out
C onverged
A ctive-active
L inux containers
E asy-to-manage

Since many in our community have already noticed and been speculating for a while, I’ll confirm now that SCALE is based upon Linux. Debian 11 (Bullseye) is currently being used as the platform for this new project. Linux is a key requirement to achieve some of the SCALE project goals. The ability to run OpenZFS 2.0 across both FreeBSD and Linux provides the TrueNAS family with the software diversity to service a wide variety of user infrastructure needs.