ProxCP v1.1 Now Available

ProxCP Feature Release!

ProxCP version 1.1 is now available for download! Just a few weeks past our first public release and we already have some sweet new features for you.

What’s new? Version 1.1 focuses on cleaning up the Admin dashboard and adding one of the most requested features for end-users. To that end, the Admin dashboard has a new layout for better organization. It also includes an automatic version checker now so you can immediately know when a new ProxCP version is available. Lastly, your end-users can now upload custom ISO images for use with their KVM or Public Cloud services. ISO files can be large…but no problem! ProxCP offers resumable file uploads just in case the process is interrupted. Of course there were quite a few bug fixes as well; especially pertaining to KVM creation and LVM storage.

Here is a demo video of the resumable file uploads:

What’s next?

We will continue expanding and improving upon the ProxCP product. The next major update will include at least a Blesta billing integration and migration scripts from other control panel software. On top of that, we will always be looking for additional feature suggestions and usability improvements.

Haven’t used ProxCP since the beta period earlier this year? Now is the perfect time to grab a copy and provide your VPS customers with the best control panel experience while simultaneously lowering operating costs.


I suspect its possible to add multiple nodes, so a Client does login with an account and can see the VM’s on multiple nodes right?

How does it manage then the authentication?


Authentication from what to what specifically? There’s a lot going on internally.

Finally getting around to installing this and setting it up for the FreeMach boxes :slight_smile:

Couple small suggestions:

  1. In the Prerequisites and Minimum Requirements page, it says PHP 7.2+. Since the mcrypt php module is required, I’d suggest just saying to use PHP 7.2. The mcrypt module is depreciated and needs to be installed in a wonky way. Unfortunately this method doesn’t work for PHP > 7.3.0. Currently the latest version (7.3.3), there’s no way to install the module (even via the method linked above) without installing a different version of PHP and copying over the mcrypt file. Limiting to PHP 7.2 might help avoid some installation confusion.

  2. On the ProxCP Installation page, it says to copy/move SSL certs to the daemon’s keys directory. If using Let’s Encrypt (as mentioned on the page), it’d probably be better to symlink to the certs rather than copy and move them. That way when renewal comes up every 3 months, they don’t need to be manually copied/moved every time. My forgetful self is bound to forget to do this.

  3. On the Sample VirtualHost Settings page, the formatting is a little off. Also for the nginx config, I think the fastcgi_pass should be the fpm socket (i.e. unix:/var/run/php/php7.2-fpm.sock) instead of just php-fpm. Might work with that, but I’ve always used the sock connection.

Time to continue with installing and setting up the daemon now :slight_smile:. So far I’m really impressed. Web panel looks nice!

Edit -

Also wanted to suggest using a systemd service for the daemon rather than using forever or screen. That way the daemon will relaunch if there’s a reboot of the node.

Here’s a quick one that I wrote up that seems to work fine.


Description=ProxCP Daemon



To enable (and launch) the service:

sudo systemctl enable --now proxcp-daemon.service

The fact that something exists which is built on PHP 5, with standard init ideologies means-

It probably mostly works, but the pretty shit doesn’t.

IDK, The last thing I want is another ioncube creeper from the never-never times dragging itself out of the mist.

We’re looking into switching to libsodium as a permanent solution to this.

Making a symlink using the same file names ProxCP expects would probably work - I haven’t tried that. The Let’s Encrypt certbot also lets you set the certificate paths for auto renewal in the cron job.

The docs will be updated shortly. Thanks for the systemd script!


2019-06-15 v 1.2

  • Added: LXC/KVM firewall rules can now be edited instead of deleting and recreating the rule
  • Added: SMTP can now optionally be used for outgoing ProxCP emails
  • Added: ADMIN UI now has searchable dropdown lists for client ID form fields
  • Added: ADMIN LXC/KVM virtual machine creation now asks for a port speed parameter
  • Added: ADMIN can now edit Proxmox node details instead of deleting and recreating the node
  • Added: Blesta billing module
  • Changed: mcrypt is no longer a PHP pre-requisite for encryption/decryption routines. OpenSSL is now being used
  • Fixed: bug with JS events not being fired on paged tables (+)
  • Fixed: licensing library callback errors

Thanks for listening to my comments and working on adding them in so quickly! :slight_smile: Time to upgrade!

Also nice to see a Blesta billing module was added!


Thank you! @proxcp

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Good, now I don’t have to do a v1.2 announcement post