Providers/Resellers: Do You Use Local Time or UTC With Your Customers?

With your own customers/business communications, do you use UTC or the local time where you’re located? Why did you go with that choice?

I would personally prefer provider’s local time + time zone mentioned right behind (e.g. 18, Jan, 12:50 KST), and if there’s no time zone mentioned, I generally think it’s their local time.

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Never thought about that.

And now I don’t know what I like.

Edit: I think provider’s local time + timezone is fine.

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I usually use both.

For example,

Your server is scheduled for maintenance starting at 1200 EST (1700 UTC) and will last until 1400 EST (1900 UTC).


I use IST, because it confuses the fuck out of everyone else.

That said, personally, I use UTC, as it is the ONLY timezone that matters.

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UTC +1

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I usually specially mention EDT everytime there’s a communication, that involves date and time.

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I was curious about this the other day, so I was looking around to see what other companies do. I thought that there would be an overall trend, for example, that the overwhelming majority would use either local time or UTC, but it’s a big mishmash as far as I can tell. Thanks for the input! --Katie


Intergalactic timezone, obviously.
You never know, if your customer comes around from Andromeda.

For everyone else, just use the local standard.

I had actually checked NASA as well just out of curiosity, and I saw that they also have an abbreviation “OWLT”, which made me think of Harry Potter, for the time it takes for a message to travel from a spaceship to Earth. I kind of want to hug the NASA employee who named it. :smile: --Katie


All providers I am customer at uses localtime, and every time I must change to UTC. But I did not feel bothered by this.

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I tend to use my local time with the time zone after it, and that seems to work great.

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I m using my local time

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