Providers offering DirectAdmin in US?

I want to get rid of cPanel but the pricing for me is the same as DirectAdmin. I’m using around 30 user accounts.

I’m looking for reliable providers offering free or discounted licenses for DA.

BuyVM is one. Who’s next?

Not free but we offer them :slight_smile:

$3/mo includes Softaclous license.

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Hi! What datacenter are you using in US?

Reliablesite/QTS in NY, a mystery data center in Miami :wink:

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:thinking: hmmm…

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I think it was 5$ monthly for only DA ¿

We are revamping the pricing for all our offerings. New resources and yadayada :).

Pricing change will go live by end of the year :slight_smile:

You can check @anyNode offering DA for free.

It’s just in a suburb of Miami

For inquiries contact Count Von Üplínkh

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In the other forum, I’ve seen they are slow answering tickets.

@SERIESN are you a one-man band?

Me and Roy. But mostly me 99% of the time. Roy oversees things when either it’s midnight or I am traveling:)

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That is a mountain you won’t see in that part of America lol.

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What are your plans expansion-wise? Do you have plans in Central and Western US?

(Sorry @imok for hijacking your thread…it’ll be just this question :slightly_smiling_face:)

Eventually we/I will be at all the cost. Goal is to add 2 new location next year, as to where? Not sure yet :slight_smile:

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We provide Free DA with our VPS packages in NY as well as LA, just use coupon code “DA” in the order form and select DA as add-on, you will get it for free, just submit a support ticket after placing order to activate DA license

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Swamps, they’re everywhere :wink:

And crocs. So many crocs.

nope… alligators :wink:

No. Crocs


Well, in case your mystery data center in Miami goes down :

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