Providers, do you encrypt storage?

Title says it all. I’m trying to figure out if encrypting the storage brings any benefits for VPS hosting scenario and if anyone does it.

I’ve never heard of a provider that runs encryption on a host node, seriously doubt anyone does. Except for maybe backup nodes (especially when offsite) or any other data that’s largely at rest.

Just imagining a provider the size of BuyVM or Ramnode furiously punching in passwords via IPMI on every node after a major power event or something that took a lot of boxes down.


Node-wide encryption would be useless, it only protects against hard drive theft – physically stealing the hard drive but being unable to read the contents. It wouldn’t protect against any software attack or hacking, because the host node will already have access to the disk and password, any hacker that can log in can read the files.

And as Harambe said, said password should be provided manually after each reboot. Too much work against hard drive theft possibility.

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bingo. That’s exactly what I would want to prevent. Though it’s true that entering the password after each boot would be very inconvenient… it’s probably a bad idea overall.