Provider That Accepts TransferWise/Bank Transfer?

Hi all,

Can someone recommend me a hosting or VPS provider that accept Transferwise? (bank transfer in Euro)
I need to burn 30 Euros and it could be useful for me to spend it on hosting or vps.


Hi, we accept TransferWise and Wire Transfers!

Very few will do this at this low volume but apparently one already offered this option. As normally it reserved for larger transaction volumes.


We do accept Transferwise or Bank Transfer as well! :slight_smile:

So do we.

Hivelocity gladly accepts wire transfers.

Bank transfer is accepted and not a problem at all here either.

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No issues with accepting SEPA, Revolut, TransferWise and similar methods here.

Thanks all providers for your reply!

I was trying to top up with bank transfer in some domains providers i have, but most they do not accept bank transfer.

@Miguel I’m interested in the DirectAdmin Hosting Reseller plan (Entry) with the 50% off coupon, (5 Euros / month), but i have two questions:

  • Can I pay 6 months in advance? (a 30 Euros payment).
  • Where i can see you bank transfer information? i already registered in website but i do not see any options about bank transfer in “Payment Methods” only credit card payment.



Yeah sure, open a ticket. I’ll have this sorted for ya today! :slight_smile: