Protected class on LET forum

I’m following the drama on LET new sales rules thread.

And it seems I am not the only one in LET that haves the sensation that some providers are catered to while other are pilled upon.

I think there are two obvious providers in this protected category.

@Francisco and Cloudvider.
But there’s a huge difference between the two.
Francisco is someone that helps competitors, and seems to be helpful all around, besides selling his services at really attractive price points. So I get why Francisco gets some leeway in LET.
But Cloudvider owner is someone that seems to never miss a chance to belittle a competitor, and other users at times. Yet look at the sales thread, it’s clear that Cloudvider is having some influence in LET.

What is your guya take on this? Ring ring @Jarland

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I might be the wrong person to weigh in here as I’m invested in both communities. But I mean, without providers providing access to low cost servers, what use is a forum based around low cost servers? So naturally there is a bit of leeway given to providers.

Did something specific said on there strike you the wrong way? Because a lot of the decisions made happen behind the scenes and usually there’s a lot more to the story than what’s immediately apparent on the public facing side. Most of the time it comes down to cheapskates having unrealistic expectations.

It’s not only that topic, it’s how some providers will see any bad thread about them moved to an unindexable section of the forum to protect them from Google index, while other get their thread title edited to something even worse on the indexable section of the forum, for instance.

The antics of cloudvider also irk me a bit, he should not be allowed to belittle competitors that way, it’s toxic. It’s a clear cut marketing scheme stance that no community should allow for.

There’s plenty of providers providing low cost servers.
I was not aware that LET aim is to make a ads central. Is it?

Edit: I’m on my phone, give me some leeway and make an extra effort to read into my posts. Hehehe

I think everything you do or don’t do makes you the villain to someone.


Sure, but that doesn’t mean that nothing have meaning.
Where there’s smoke…

I see Dom as arrogant, but I wouldn’t use the word toxic. That word seems to have picked up as common use and I’d reserve that for another provider with communication skills issues and a proclivity to be quite vulgar to users. That thread involving him being set to sink was not a good move. I’ve gone ahead and changed my login credentials so that I can’t login again, even in a moment of weakness. I just don’t agree with some of the moves taken, and things change, so do I, it’s easier to change my behavior and move on instead of trying to will change in others that don’t want to.


I’ll break down this a bit and respond to each concern with my thoughts.

This is done for any provider (good or bad) until viable proof is given that the OP hasn’t just misunderstood the situation or is making a big deal over something that is clearly their fault.

Take for instance the recent wishosting bad review thread. It was first moved to offtopic to avoid indexing until proof was obtained and the provider weighted in. After it was clear the OP was justified in their words/review, it was moved back to an indexable location.

Users often overreact to situations and post absurd headlines that are complete overreactions. Two of BuyVM’s threads come to mind recently. One was about the node’s drives failing. The title first made it appear that his entire infrastructure had gone poof and was later updated to reflect the actual situation. Another was one of his shared nodes simply rebooting. The initial headline said something to the effect of the node failing and all data being lost (completely inaccurate and false), and was updated to depict the actual situation.

Providers are permitted to have their own opinions, just as customers are. If someone wants to say a provider is shit based on their past experiences then they are completely entitled to that.

Without providers giving offers, how long do you think the forum would last? Not long at all. Constant offers are what bring in new visitors and keep everyone else engaged.

tl;dr ^

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Not really, I’ve seen topics that were not moved. Mistake? Perhaps.

Providers bearing the company tag should not be allowed to belittle a competitor. That goes beyond sharing an opinion.

Users and providers are not the same thing.

Theb I guess that’s a yes to my question.
I thought LET was a community, not a WHT version for the low end provider :wink:

I think that in less time and fewer members haves a much better community feeling than LET. maybe thats why jarland decided to create it.

Disclaimer: I don’t really care, I’m just at the gym and wanted to create some drama to post to between reps. Hehehe
Time for a quick shower, brb

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When there’s always smoke though, and every fire you put out starts a new one…

To be frank I don’t really want this to be the place for any significant scale of airing complaints about LET. Let’s BS a little and occasionally air our feelings in the “ball pit” but this has too much potential to bring negativity, and I’d rather this be were you can largely get away from that.