Privacy Aware Providers

Hi, sorry for my English.
I practically live in a dictatorship.
We’re a small opposition group. We want to set up a forum.
We’re not doing anything technically illegal.
But in dictatorship, laws are practically different. When he says, “you’re illegal,” we become illegal.
So we have to be as careful as possible.
Which countries, which providers can offer us this confidentiality?
A small shared hosting will be enough to start.
If necessary, we can get the vps or dedi later in the process.
PayPal, g2pay, stripe and a lot more payment options in my country banned.
Digital coins can use alternatives such as method of payment.

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Well, most of the Providers are behind Cloudflare, so yea, easy to filter.

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We know Cloudflare shares information very easily. We just can’t trust Cloudflare.

Not trustworthy.

Go with a serious provider in Switzerland :slight_smile:

As much as people like to virtue signal against it, US providers have no legal obligation to your government. Most providers have no interest in complying with the laws of other countries unless there’s an easy parallel to the laws in their own jurisdiction (ex. most handle DMCA even if submitted by someone outside the US). Laws here also do not change easily, and often have months or years of warning leading up to any significant change.

It tends to be a safe haven for cases where your government might police speech, as US providers absolutely do not enforce speech laws unless the speech threatens their brand image / company values (ex. not wanting to be known as “the company that hosts X content”). A good example would be someone speaking out against the Chinese government, they would find refuge at many US providers.

That said, Switzerland seems good also. I like Exoscale.

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…they get the Department of Justice, Office of Foreign Affairs to issue a federal subpoena for the information.


Only if it’s of interest to the US federal government or in violation of a treaty, of which many things are simply not. It’s easy to know what things are, they’re things generally considered illegal or immoral in most countries like copyright violations, CP, intelligence assets, etc. It’s not going to cover something like “dissenting voice against foreign government” which is generally one of the more common reasons people need a safe haven that isn’t for something widely illegal. A thing such as that is generally very well protected inside the US.

There are definitely a lot of things proudly hosted in the US that would get someone killed in other countries, so perfect or not it definitely is a good location for certain use cases.

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I’ve not experienced this before, but I could see some of the governments that we’re kind of in a “neutral to bad” relationship with with coming up with some kind of semi-plausible reason and the DOJ going along with it.

Just look at what they did to the guy at Lavabit over the Snowden stuff… Obviously the US government won’t be quite as determined if they are filing on behalf of another government, but it is still concerning…


Definitely look for a host based in Switzerland :slight_smile:

They have very strict privacy laws and political freedom:

#1 on Freedom list 2018:

And 5 in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index:

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I was to ask about if OP was from LATAM … :man_facepalming:

What owner says sounds right but CH may be a nice place and head owner ( jar ) mention exoscale before IDK where .


I think Ungleich and Exoscale are some reasonably priced (relatively) and solid hosts.

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I hate to say it but there is no privacy.

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Or rather, end of privacy is nigh?

Umm… CockBox? The owner is running for quite a few years now.


Thanks for your answers. I found two providers. Which one makes legit? Which do you recommend? or

Well…, all data is stored hashed and the rest is encrypted with a public/private keypair.

No personal details needed, as long the request is legit and fulfills the requirements.

Cool cool :slight_smile: What happened to your free Gameserver project anyway? Found it interesting, now it’s gone :S

Well, I wen to deep down, into the rabbit hole.
The Project pulled to much Young people into it, especially because of Minecraft.

I could have thought of that before, I was just like, look, we have some spare resources, lets give away gameservers. I was wrong, it was a mistake.

Apart from Weekly DDoS attacks that had little impact, there are just insults, ungrateful people, clueless people. We did told them, read the FAQ, its a self service, yea.

It was not that great, but lesson learned.
No Minecraft, give away the resources with a manual verification, give it to trustworthy people.

Then, from a certain point on, you make the final decision to discontinue the project. Not right away, that would be too easy.

If it was paid, people would be more sustainable about it, people often forget that the service is free, and that there are still people behind it, not robots.


That’s really the only safe way to give away free resources, especially on a place like LET, which naturally attracts a good amount of undesirables due to the low pricing.

I go one step further and run FraudRecord checks on my clients to be doubly-safe that I have semi-trustworthy people using the resources that I offer for free. So far I’ve been really lucky and there hasn’t been any abuse reports or resource abuse in the year+ I’ve been doing it.

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