Primary Theme Changed

After careful consideration (and an overwhelming amount of user feedback), we’ve made the decision to change the primary HostBalls theme from grey to light. We’ve also added a quick selector within the hamburger menu to enable users to quickly switch between our themes.

Price per 1000 views :question:



My eyes were not ready.
My lawyer will be in touch.


I quite like the dark theme and have made the change back. With that said, the white theme looks great too. I am happy you give us all the choice.

For now…

Soon™: “Unlock theme selector with a $2/mo HostBalls premium membership subscription!”


My eyes! They burn! :stuck_out_tongue:

At least you kept the option for dark, I can switch it and crawl back into my cave.

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@HIVELOCITY we’ve always had the option of light, neutral or dark. But it seems that people expect to look for a dark theme, but expect there to be no choice if a dark theme is the default…

Dark/neutral is our preference, but we noticed a lot of people who couldn’t understand that there is a choice.

My retina would have burned off had I not found the Dark theme option within the hamburger menu in time. At the risk of sounding old and grumpy, I hate changes! :stuck_out_tongue:

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How about a pink background with a nice small green font ?

Are you sure?

I can see it even in fresh browser sessions as a guest…could you try hard-refreshing and/or logging out and logging back in?

If I view the site in Private Browsing it’s in the menu. As soon as I log in it’s gone.

Logged out/in from my main browser window and it still not there.

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Ah, it’s because you’re using the Standard themes, rather than the Minimalistic themes. I’ve added the selector to the Standard themes, but the three themes in the selector are the Minimalistic ones.

Switching to a minimalistic theme, and logging out/in the options have appeared.

I switched back to a standard one, logged out/in and they’re still there.

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Sure, as long as I do not get surprised when I next visit this forum :slight_smile:

And back to standard/neutral I go :smile:


Seems switching theme in the burger menu is just a cookie setting, so being logged in or not doesn’t really make the difference. So my eyes was blinded for many seconds … :wink:
(Just noticed it was bright in a different browser/device, I was logged in.)

I heard Stevie Wonder joined Hostballs, just for the theme only.


If we keep the white background, can we add green accents to it, and change the name of the site to LowBallsTalk?