Pre-Black Friday 2019 Discussion

What can the HB team do to make this your go-to place for Black Friday this year? Are there any hosts that aren’t here that you’re hoping for deals from? Are you hoping to see a mega thread?

Let us know what we can do to facilitate your excessive spending with other people this year!


Whatever you guys do, it can’t go wrong. I don’t think there is anything else to say. :smiley:

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Ah, more options to choose which VPS I want to idle…

I think a separate temporary category is better then a mega thread. Finding something in a mega thread is VERY difficult.


The best deal this year will certainly be the planned auction of @Francisco’s towel


Hopefully @Ross will have some great UK deals this year!


Lotteries are always a great way to mark an occasion and easy way to start a tradition.

Black Friday 2019: 2019GB worth of RAM to give out!

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Sure if anyone willing to blow $6,000+ on three of 1TB RAM servers and pay colocation costs for them.

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Doesn’t have to be a single provider. Was just an example of a catchy title.

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Shut it all down. Week before to week after. Anti-Blackfriday!

Storage deals are always welcome.

HostHatch (@Abdullah) offers are always tempting. I hope he comes back after the not so welcoming thread when he joined.

@VirMach usually get things moving with some aggressive offers.

It would be good to see some offers from UltraVPS, InceptionHosting (@AnthonySmith) and LetBox (@key900) . They are solid providers.

I’ve never seen offers from BuyVM (@Francisco). Maybe you can convince him to do a HB BF special. :wink:


Looking for some cheap yearly 2gb NVMe deals, maybe some shared too.

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@HostDoc promised today he will provide offers at Black Friday. Maybe we could invite him to HostBalls so he creates some nice offer for us at BF.

Edit: he’s already here. I did not realize it.

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I want to save money. No VPS for me this year because I don’t need more.


I hope offer will be clearly marked as to wether savings/price are recurring or not :sunglasses:
(Maybe use temp category as suggested, or at lease separate threads for dedi’s, VPS and shared)

scrolls down

scrolls down some more


I can smell the potassium from here.

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I will definately be involved. Here is a little teaser. There will also be single offers available.



Today? Oh, cant wait!

You seem to follow me around everywhere, why should I bother to buy?