Practical Projects on VPS

Do you have any practical project recommendations for deploying on cloud servers?

This is a very vague question. Cloud servers can be any size nowadays, and similarly projects can also have vastly different requirements.

Maybe take a look at the repo below if you’re after some inspiration?


Proxmox, even if you don’t have nested virtualization enabled. It will teach you basics of networking (i.e. forwarding, NAT with iptables etc). On servers where nested virtualization is disabled, you can deploy LXC containers.

Nextcloud w/ manual setup (where you install PHP, MySQL on your own) - will tech you about interpreted languages, file structure in Linux and basics of SQL databases

Nextcloud w/ docker - will teach you how to work with docker and declarative approach (docker compose)

Plex or Jellyfin media server with rclone + Google Drive as backend; will let you play with Google Cloud Console

Minecraft server - will give you plenty of headaches with Java (you can also try to setup it a systemd service)

Deploy your own application with Gitlab CI/CD (preferably with docker). This will teach you how Gitlab’s CI/CD works, how to store images in registry and how to create a Gitlab runner on your server.

Happy to help you if you encounter any problems.