PQHosting - Unbelievable, but a fact! The most generous promotion in the hosting world


We are announcing a large-scale and the most generous promotion in the history of PQ.Hosting! So, less words, get to the point, let’s go! We promise, it will be hot!

1. VPS for 1 euro in Switzerland
Right now you can order a VPS in Switzerland at a unique price — for just 1 euro!
The promotion applies only to the Aluminum tariff.

There is a 30% discount on all other tariffs. When ordering a server for 3 months or more, you get a 50% discount. In order to take advantage of the promotion, use the promo code CRAZYVPS.

2. VPS for half price
In a number of countries, we announce a 30% discount on all tariffs, and when ordering a server from 3 months — all 50%!

The discount applies to server orders in the following countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, USA, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Spain, Greece, Ireland.

3. 20% discount on dedicated servers in honor of the launch of new tariffs
We have launched 4 new dedicated server tariffs. TOP parameters and configurations will pleasantly surprise you:

White Pearl — 160 euros

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2697Av4 (32 cores, 64 threads)
2 x 960 GB SSD
1 Gbps guaranteed speed

Black Pearl — 240 euros.

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2697Av4 (32 cores, 64 threads)
2 x 960 GB SSD
1 Gbps guaranteed speed

Graff Pink — 350 euros.

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2697Av4 (32 cores, 64 threads)
4 x 960 GB SSD
1 Gbps guaranteed speed

White Pearl — 400 euros

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2697Av4 (32 cores, 64 threads)
4 x 960 GB SSD
1 Gbps guaranteed speed
If you were planning to reach a new level of hosting, now is the perfect time to get a powerful server with a good discount (prices are indicated without a discount).

But that’s not all! So that you can save money at the start, we have prepared for you a 20% discount on the order and extension of dedicated servers. The promotion is valid for both new and old configurations.

In addition, a personal manager will be connected to you absolutely free of charge, and our team will take over the full administration of your server.

4. Reliable VPN for 1 euro
50% discount on WireGuard VPN — only 1 euro per month!

5. 25% discount on all Hi-CPU VPS/VDS tariffs (4.5 GHz)
Hi-CPU virtual servers are located on the latest Intel E2288G server processors, DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe disks from Intel Data Center version. You can get acquainted with the tariffs on our website.

6. We give you an SSL certificate from GlobalSign
We also decided to distribute the popular commercial SSL certificate Alpha SSL from GlobalSign to the first 100 users who subscribe to our social networks:

VKontakte: PQ.Hosting | VK
Facebook: Redirecting...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HostingPq
Telegram: https://t.me/pq_hosting
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pq.hosting/
And they will leave a review on one of the following sites:
After that, create a ticket to the sales department, and we will quickly issue you an SSL certificate.

7. Free ispmanager
When ordering any server from PQ, you get an ispmanager license for a month absolutely free of charge.

8. Lifetime 10% discount on VPS
Tell us that you use PQ.Hosting services in the basement of your site, write to us and get a permanent 10% discount on the order and VPS renewal. For ready-made banners, you can contact the sales department through the ticket system.

9. Project transfer! 1 month of VPS as a gift when moving from another hosting
If you have been wanting to switch to another hosting for a long time and can’t decide, it’s time to do it! We will transfer your site from another hosting provider to us for free and most importantly, quickly and give you 1 month of VPS at the optimal rate for you.

important! To activate the above discounts (except for 1 promotion), specify the promo code CRAZYSALE at the payment stage.

Please note that there is no refund for the service provided under the promotion, as well as the transfer of the issued service to another location.

The promotion is valid until June 30. This is the last promotion of this season, hurry up to take advantage of the offer, the number of servers at a special price is limited. Take advantage of the promotion and save money right now!

10. Earn on proven quality together with PQ.Hosting!
Reselling hosting: https://pq.hosting/reseller
Affiliate program: https://pq.hosting/partners

That’s it for us. Hurry up to buy for the future, this is the last promotion of the season!

Our contact phone numbers:
Russia: +7 (800) 707-83-77
UK: +44 (204) 577-36-61
USA: +1 (929) 566-67-60
Poland: +48 (573) 503-777
Israel: +972 (238) 03-556
Switzerland: +41 (22) 508-77-76
Moldova: +373 (699) 33-1-22

Always yours, the PQ.Hosting team.


Looks good. I think you should link directly to the services in your offer so that people can get to the order page with one click.

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Yes, that 1 Euro deal is nowhere to be found


It is, however its a scam, after 1 month is regular pricing, but he won’t say that.


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