Possible to Replace SitePad's WYSIWYG Builder?

Hello, I am wondering if there are other options apart from SitePad for it’s editor ability to allow me to easily build websites without HTML/CSS knowledge required?

Like I am wondering if I can recreate my pet care website and make future one(s) on say my Linux Mint PC. Then slap it on a low resource VPS only running a web server, slapping it on BunnyCDN or something? Then just out sourcing my emails or what not elsewhere for it’s perks (scale ability, costs control, quality, etc).

Is this really possible to replace SitePad entirely of it’s editor in order to prevent being vendor locked of them and the popular control panels such as Cpanel, DirectAdmin, etc?

You could self host Architect Sitebuilder locally and then export site and host on Netlify/Github etc: Architect - HTML and Site Builder by Vebto | CodeCanyon