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Since German TV News but also the typical online (world) news only keep reporting about how the world is going to end featuring catastrophes, knife stabbing assaults, military strikes, terrorism etc. I have grown very tired of reading/watching them the past months. Not to say these bad news are not important (Brasil rain forest fires, Australia, Iran…) but the overall dominance of bad news kinda always gave me depressive vibes making it as though there is nothing good happening in the world. I guess it’s all about how “good” bad news are selling going after the quote “Only bad news are good news”.

For those of you that wish to still read about good things that keep happening in the world simultaneously to the bad things but usually are not featured on the news quite often, I’ve found some good alternatives which are now on my phone’s Home Screen and I finally enjoy reading the news again:

All of the following sites cover the usual news sections like World, Economy, Environment, Sports…

https://www.positive.news (Appears to really focus on quality content and writing style. My favourite)

https://goodnewsnetwork.org (also has Spanish language news, a bit crowded site. Inspiring quotes and “on that day in history” articles).

Positive Nachrichten sind gute Nachrichten (site for my german folks @Falzo @Amitz ) .


Positive news only websites are like taking your ultra comfortable pillow and duvet to the war front.

I agree that there should be way more positive articles on the big mainstream media sites.

But the powers being choose to rule by division, and for that you need mass anxiety.


That’s why I said I don’t read the positive news to replace the bad news or cut them out. I’ll still continue to read “regular news” that is to say NYTimes, Google News etc. I read the positive news to add some positivity to the overwhelming amount of bad news. Unfortunately, there seems to be mostly black and white news sites.


Best is to avoid the big blob of crap.

Just read your own RSS feeds, based on keywords, tags and categories.

It surely saves me a lot of time (which i use to spend here, lol).

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I’ll have a mix of both, I guess :slight_smile:
I’ve never tried using RSS but you’ve made me curious so I’ll google a bit about that.

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Native apps :


Free online aggregator with nice features :