[Poll] Billing Panels, Billing Panels, Billing Panels

We used to do these polls here quite frequently, but have been slacking as of late. I’m trying to think of additional ideas for future polls and discussion topics, so feel free to PM me with any thoughts you may have! :slight_smile:

Thanks to @Wolveix’s suggestion, this poll is to proclaim which billing panel(s) are most used, preferred, and relied on in the hosting community. This poll is open to both providers and consumers.

For Providers: Which billing panel do you rely on for day to day operations? Are you happy with it? Are your dreams haunted by any of these?
For Customers: If you’ve liked a specific billing panel, had a good experience, or have been interested in trying out one from a provider’s perspective, feel free to choose some answers below as well!

Which billing solution(s) do you use and are most comfortable with?

  • Blesta
  • HostBill
  • ClientExec
  • Boxbilling
  • Ubersmith
  • Simple Invoice Software (i.e. Invoice Ninja)
  • Something Else (Comment Below)
  • They Are All Terrible
  • Doesn’t Matter To Me
  • I Suck Eggs

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After choosing a selection, feel free to share your experiences with it, if you would recommend it to others, if one should be avoided at all costs, if there’s any “gotchas” that others should be wary of, etc.


I’m basic blesta bitch, thanks to @Francisco. As always, thanks for the extra goodies, Fran! :slight_smile:


We were a long time WHMCS user, but since the pricing/licensing change we started looking for alternatives. We weighed our options for over a year until we decided to create our own. Since then the customization has proven to be a HUGE plus, we can do whatever we want from cart to service allocation. The freedom is awesome! Now we are wanting to continue this new found freedom into other control panels. Freedom is addicting!


I can absolutely see why. Just thinking about hitting a critical bug with no access to source code to correct the issue, and the only path to resolution being through a semi-competent, semi-responsive tech support agent gives me shivers.

Sometimes I wish providers teamed up to produce a great open-source tool that checks all the boxes and is used by the industry vets. Since it seems the wheel is reinvented many dozens of times over again to solve the same issue. But I suppose every host needs their own “secret sauce”. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, I’m not sure why I didn’t add an option to the poll for a “In-house/Custom Solution”. Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL Yes, it is seriously reinventing the wheel. The old adage ‘you need to spend money, to make money’ sometimes just needs to be 'make it yourself, to make money '. Something empowering when you’ve succeeded on your own terms.

“They Are All Terrible” would lead me to believe either “Custom Solution” or you just offer everything free so no billing/invoicing is required :wink: the latter wouldn’t qualify as a business then LOL

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A fully custom solution works well for us. It’s not that hard to make a basic working billing panel.


Custom (in the past) but there are multiple FOSS ones. I don’t know their relative merits.

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As a host, I never got to use WHMCS. As a client, however, it’s always been smooth and easy to use.
Blesta, on the other hand, has been the perfect combination of features and being affordable which made me use it when I was offering Hosting Services. What I liked about Blesta was the more personal support by the discord community, Mike and Paul.

TL;DR: Both are fine.


Has anyone actually tried the Paymentwall integration for Blesta?

I like that we are able to vote more than once for the poll, but the OP is unable to edit it afterwards.

…just sayin…my observation.

Why the hell is Blesta above I suck eggs? Someone is stuffing the ballot box.

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I use InvoiceNinja for some work, Blesta for other work.

I’ve used HostBill as a customer and I quite fancy using it in the future from an admin point of view.


Sigh…ahh WSS… We know you like to stuff the ballot box…or stuff anything…Mr McStuffy :wink:

WHMCS as of now. Blesta is too basic, feels naked compared to WHMCS.

Can anyone share WHMCS vs HostBill? Differences, advantages etc.?

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