Poli Systems - S3 storage located in Switzerland with triple replication

Poli Systems GmbH is a Swiss hosting company that provides high-end services. Our goal is to propose the best user experience with friendly support.

We propose different solutions, such as web hosting, game hosting, and virtual machines.

Our S3 service is used by our self for our backups and other critical services, such as video deliveries for some customers.

We founded out the lack of S3 services, that are not pricy (AWS looking at you here), or that have some weirdo TOS about download/upload ratio (Wasabi looking at you here).
We were pretty unhappy with every S3 service we were using, but we founded an alternative.

The S3 service of Poli Systems is highly reliable, here are some features :

  • Triple replication across 3 different physical machines
  • Live replication in two different data centers located in Switzerland
  • Swiss data privacy
  • No API requests fees
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage, for free, yes free.
  • Highly reliable data replication.
  • Fast retrieval speeds

The goal of this service is to provide a cheap and good alternative to big companies like AWS. We think that the main usage of this service can be interesting for backups. After a lot of testing it’s faster to recover data (1’000-8’000 mbits) than uploading as it needs to replicate 3 times (don’t worry uploads are fast too :stuck_out_tongue: 600-2’000 mbits). See the Q&A on our website: Poli Systems - S3 Hosting

Here is a list of our base pricing per month (without commitement) NEW prices :

  • 1 TB 8 €/$/CHF
  • 2 TB 13 €/$/CHF
  • 5 TB 28 €/$/CHF
  • 10 TB 53 €/$/CHF
  • 25 TB 127 €/$/CHF
  • 50 TB 277 €/$/CHF
  • 100 TB 600 €/$/CHF
  • 250 TB 1745 €/$/CHF
  • 500 TB 3738 €/$/CHF
  • 1000 TB (NEW) 7900 €/$/CHF

You can view more details here: Poli Systems - S3 Hosting

And you know what? If you buy for one year you get 10% off.

Some good questions because we are on a hosting forum :

Q: What is the hardware behind it?
A: We are using disks from 14TB-18TB in bays of around 60 disks connected at 100 gb/s internally between the two DC’s.
Q: What happens if a disk breaks?
A: Your data is directly replicated on another disk. And our team changes the broken disk asap.
Q: On what is the infrastructure built?
A: It’s built on OpenStack Swift, that’s also why our S3 API is limited (https://docs.openstack.org/swift/latest/s3_compat.html )
Q: Can I create public buckets?
A: No, it’s all private buckets, mainly for Synology backup, you can also use it via a Proxy :smiley:

We are always open to questions!

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