Pingdom Ends Their Free Plan [Voucher Inside]

Heya all.

So I have this Pingdom free user plan and today I got an email from them that they will be discontinuing the fre plan service and instead they are offering me their PRO plan for free till the 6th of February and and a Voucher of 50%to upgrade.

In case you don’t have a free plan with them and you are interested… you can use the voucher UPGRADENOW.

To be honest I’m not interested, the only reason I have that free plan is because I like to see new stuff, so I was monitoring one site there just to see how the service is.

Uptimerobot + does the job :slight_smile:


Zilore works pretty good too.

Is the owner a member? if yes, come out of the woodworks :slight_smile:


I switched to UptimeRobot a while back. They only check every 5 minutes instead of every minute, but you get 50 monitors for free, and can create a public status page (eg. mine is


I moved from Uptime Robot to Hetrix Tools a while ago. Haven’t really looked back.


HetrixTools is in my list of stuff to evaluate, I just haven’t had a chance to do it yet. I’m already using their blacklist monitoring which works quite well.

Looks like they only support 10 monitors on the free version, whereas I’ve got more than that. I guess I could use HetrixTools for my most important monitors and keep using UptimeRobot for the others.


I have only used hetrixtools and uptimerobot and I love the telegram integration of hetrixtools.


I’ve been using only HetrixTools, and so far so good :slight_smile:

They made a few giveaways here giving extra free monitors


Not used Pingdom in years, but no doubt many will be sad to see this go.

I’ve been using a mix of:

…as well as a selection of Zabbix proxies over some cheap VMs, works really well to give me a good overview of what is down from where.

Can’t say good enough things about @Andrei’s service though, seriously awesome stuff.


Well, that’s not fun. Works for me in Chrome on mobile. Assume something cipher-y isn’t right there.

Just started palyign around with a new one.

50 monitors + 5 public status page
Multi-channel notification… I think you guy will like that it includes Slack.

Yeah, it works in chrome and Edge jus fine…
But Firefox and Opera tell me to take a hike.

Works for me just fine in firefox and opera. :\

  1. offer free service
  2. start charging some time later
  3. ???
  4. profit
  1. Have all users move to a competitor that offers a free plan & lose 90% of userbase
  2. Profit from the 10% that actually paid
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How did you create that public page?

Go to the settings page (Login | UptimeRobot), then there should be a “public status pages” section.


@Andrei hetrixtools all the way.

though I have to admit I am testing Zilore in parallel just out of curiosity and so far it seems pretty reliable too.


Thanks for letting me know! Didn’t know this feature existed