Pi-KVM - Cool Opensource Project to Fully Control One or More Servers

Was looking for a way to control my PC and some servers that dont support IPMI, ended up finding this awesome project so I thought I’d share it.

Github: GitHub - pikvm/pikvm: Open and inexpensive DIY IP-KVM based on Raspberry Pi
Pi-KVM: easy and cheap DIY KVM over IP with mouse, mass storage drive, VNC, IPMI and other - YouTube


  • Full HD video on low 100ms latency (on local)
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Bootable virtual drive (Upload your own image)
  • Power control of the server (Start, Shutdown, Reset)
  • Wake On Lan
  • Access via Web UI and VNC
  • One PiKVM can control multiple servers by using a KVM Switch with Hotkey Switching (that can understand composite devices OR by using an Arduino HID)

They’re are also working on PiKVM v3, that is a done for you approach if you dont like soldering or dont have time to build it up yourself. Also it looks much more clean this way. Also a few new features such as even lower latency, ability to control video compression, built in AVR-based HID, and some others

Allegedly the pre-orders should begin sometime in Q4 2020, base price should be around $100, not sure if that includes the Raspberry pi 4 or not.