Paypal transaction IDs wrong

I’ve been checking the invoices I have from multiple providers, some of them using WHMCS or HostBill.

Today I realized the Paypal transaction ID included in the invoices do not exist in my Paypal account. They are different than the trans ID that is sent by Paypal in separate email.

Does it happen to you?

I mean, not really, but this and this suggests that the buyer and seller have different transaction IDs, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had multiple times someone’s said “here’s my txid” and it’s matched up, so am not sure. Haven’t really dived too deep into the subject. There are also subscription IDs too if that’s relevant.

Edit: As well as a PayPal mod saying it’s the case too

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There is a separate transaction ID for the buyer and for the seller.

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Thank you!

Her second response is a typical “I won’t answer your question but just repeat what I’m ordered to say”.

The guy asked how he can locate a transaction based on the customer’s transaction ID. Mod replied “here is why we do this”.


I’ve also noticed this when I wanted to confirm a transaction and wanted to check buyers PP transaction ID and while he did pay the IDs I saw in Blesta and the ID he gave me from PP didn’t match iirc. Was quite a while ago though.