How you guys feel about Payoneer?
I used to hear bad things about them, but I just checked their website and they’re working with a lot of companies. Makes one wonder…

The comissions are good… starting at 1% for ACH, Wires to the usual % for CC’s.

Weren’t they exclusively used to send payments to your employees/freelancers/etc? That’s how it used to be a few years ago, last time I checked.

You can now use it as you use PayPal. Not as rich in terms of features but the basic premise is there.
They do seems to have some hidden fees related to the use of their mastercard, but if you’re not using their mastercard, then their fees seems really nice.

One interesting note, you pay cross-border fees when paying soneone else, even online and in the same currency as the one you hold in your account. While with PayPal you only pay those if your are being paid.


Payoneer can be used as any other online wallet. It’s main advantage is his attached prepaid credit card, which allow you to get your money directly in ATM when needed, or to pay service/product online.

The problem with Payoneer is its fees. And sometimes, when the fees can’t be paid with account balance, they just report it the day you receive amount in your account. So, be careful. Also, compared to PayPal, Payoneer has a bit more fees.

Not accoding to their price list.
If you get your clients to pay you via ACH, you pay like 1%.

As I remembered, there is more fees which are not specified on their websites when you don’t have yet account of them.

As with all these companies, they price structure is kinda misleading. It always gives you the sensation you gonna pay less than what you end up paying, but when you look closely, the info is there.

That said, ACH in ÛS is 1% and suposedly free in EUR | GBP | JPY | AUD | CAD| CN.
CCs is 3%.
I think using their mastercard gets expensive (fees wise), there0s a fee for eveything…

Why would one use Payoneer? For online banking purposes, you can use N26 or Revolut (what I’m using), they both have credit cards with much more reasonable rates.

Payoneer is an alternative to PayPal. They pretty much accept every CC, ACH, wire and let you keep several currencies instead of forcing a conversion to your main currency.

The ACH and eCheck fees are pretty interesting too, 1%.
I’d bet that anyone that uses PayPal can pay the Payoneer mastercard with what they save on the fees (if their clients can pay via ACH or eCheck).

How do you use these? in what capacity.

I needed to open a bank account in another country, as all banks in my country charge outrageous fees for SEPA transfers (think 8€ for each incoming and 10€ for each outgoing payment). After a ton of Googling for banks that would open a bank account for a foreigner without actually having to travel to the country I found N26 and Revolut, which are “online banks”

I initially wanted to use N26, only to find that it’s not available in my country yet, so I opted for Revolut.

What Revolut provides me:
• Accounts in multiple currencies, with the ability to exchange at will. Sending bank transfers in those currencies.
• An EUR account for SEPA transfers and GBP account for local UK transfers, both in my name (my name is the account beneficiary)
• Virtual credit cards. Paid for Virtualizor licenses with this, card was accepted and all went well.
• A physical VISA card (6€ one-time fee, ordered few days ago, it should arrive soon)

It has some other features too which I’m currently not interested in, like cryptocurrency exchange, travel insurance and some other stuff.

Revolut looks really good…
I’ve never hear of it so I’m a bit weary.

Kind of hard to believe the ZERO fees for bank transfer.

They make money by providing Premium accounts and Business accounts. The premium account costs £7/m, so I wouldn’t call it exactly cheap, but it seems like they’ve chosen this business model and it works for them.

The only problem I have is that it’s all available only in a phone app. There’s no web UI.

I think they have a web UI for business accounts.

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