Password Protect WooCommerce Store?

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I’ve been searching the interwebz all night to find a decent solution to my problem, but always ending up at some paid plugin which also has to be renewed yearly for updates/support. I have nothing against paid plugins though, but it feels a bit expensive (between $49-89 per year) for what I need.

I’m looking for a simple solution to password protect a WooCommerce shop. My client wants to sell products to a few of his clients. So the shop, products and prices should not be visible for regular visitors. So if anyone is visiting any of those they should reach a password form instead (or maybe a login form to the WordPress installation).

Does anyone here know a free/cheap solution to password protect a WooCommerce store?

Plan B would be to make a second WordPress installation and password protect the whole installation with the Password Protected – WordPress plugin | plugin, but would prefer to have the shop with the main website if possible.


I’m not a WordPress guy, but, can’t you make the main store page available for registered users only?

Next time use Joomla, you would have solved that with no plugin whatsoever.

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If you just need something simple, why not use standard HTTP authentication with a .htpasswd file?


Just do that. If you need the wordpress to not be password protected and woocomerce to be, just create another wordpress installation in a different subdomain, and protect that one. (wordpress non password protected) (wordpress + woocomerce password protected)


In that case you can use Wordpress Multisite so you can share the user database if needed in the future.

Thanks guys. I’ll probably go with plan B and setup a second installation for the shop!

Just set product pages to be available to registered users only. You shouldn’t need a plugin for this.

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