OVH has arrived to the USA (Washington, DC)!

Howdy all!

Looks like they’ve finally arrived to the USA:

Their introductory offers are available at:

Any feedback? Anyone here grabbing one of these?

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No thanks, I’ll stick to Incero, QN, USDedicated, or one of the many other providers that offer better services/support for around the same price.

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Yeah to be honest I thought it’d be a little cheaper, still, unmetered bw, and 500mbps guaranteed, though it mentions 250mbps in the server’s description. If you scroll down it mentions 500mbps guaranteed. Weird stuff.
I’d say its worth for those that really need lots of bw. The NVMe offer isn’t expensive.

Not awful, but I can get a decent provider for OVH US prices. I’d rather keep my money in my own ecosystem for those prices.

I’m holding out for SYS USA. But with BHS so close, I doubt we’ll see this anytime in the near future :frowning:

Wish they had a central location or western too. Their North American location seems a bit too far for my needs. Glad to see this nonetheless. Thanks for the info

Oregon is next, then Dallas. Currently being built.

Oh really? I’m in WA State, so Oregon would be ideal for me. Although, for game servers I’ll pick Dallas for equal latency.

That’s why their North America – Beauharnois location is a bit unwelcoming. Although, to be fair if I do get a lot of players, I would have game instance servers all over (West, East, Asia, etc). Which would be ideal, then getting the North America – Beauharnois VPS would be fine for an eastern realm. However, for the central master server, I’m trying to find one more centralized (Dallas would be best).

Yup yup. OVH to Build Cloud Data Center in Oregon | Data Center Knowledge | News and analysis for the data center industry

I’m less excited about the US locations now that I’ve seen the pricing on the discovery offers. Hopefully over time as the DCs expand the prices will be more in line with BHS and FR locations.


Oh wait, so they won’t have VPS options available there, mostly just dedicated or “discovery” ones? Oh yeah, I’m not going to be that happy then either, lol. I guess they will do that first, then roll out their VPS lineup after? Shit, will be a while then I think.

They’ll definitely have a VPS lineup in each location, would be silly not to. Every other new DC started with a discovery (dedi) offer then they eventually brought in the VPS offers.

That makes sense, I just figured / going off of their discovery offer page now. So I guess VPS lineups will be added their soon. Which is cool, kind of anxious to see the prices tbh

From the UK perspective when OVH opened the datacentre it was dedi’s for about 3-6 months then they added their VPSes. Nothing from any of the other OVH brands yet.

It’s a new location with new hardware. Needs at least a couple product line refreshes (3+ years) for stuff to trickle down to an SYS offering.

Nice that OVH US East is here though 250Mbps seems low cap to have and I was just spoiled when testing Vultr baremetal E3-1270v6 with 60% off promo and had an wonderful fun time taking full advantage of the 10Gbps network connectivity. Managed to pull off 80,000 to 350,000 concurrent Nginx connection load test on my Centmin Mod LEMP stack thanks to the Vultr bare metal E3-1270v6 server having 10Gbps network connectivity. No way you’d even come close to pulling that off capped at 250Mbps ! Of course if you aren’t using >250Mbps it’s fine but OVH alternatives with 1Gbps network connectivity are pretty close



pushing 500k


Anyone know when their vps will be available as a location?