Other Options for Managed Shared Hosting?

My current one is currently taking literally almost a half of a day to address when the would normally do it in literal minutes. Which is unacceptable given how much I am paying them a month.

Are there other options within the $20/month budget that at least offers…

  • 2 domains
  • 250MB disk
  • 1GB bandwidth
  • Migration to them included (one Cpanel account)
  • Sitepad Premium (part of Softalicous)
  • Live 24x7 managed support so if I have an issue they will fix it (so it app need a certain module or whatever they will enable it and ensure it works, blah blah blah) instead of telling me that they don’t support 3rd party apps without even trying to double check it’s requirements against the account/server for instance. Unless I go to the devs and stressing them about it every darn time.
  • Included professional services like virus/malware removals and so forth.

At my disposal?


Managed shared hosting meaning migration, support, malware detection and fixing any possible issue you might find in your way. White listed IP’s and removal if blacklisted anywhere and with more space and bandwidth that you’re asking for within that budget. UK Location. We however, do not have live chat. All servers are monitored 24 / 7.

Give us a try the first month for half budget, normal budget afterwards.

Notice: I do not provide hosting as a product but very limited with clientele, private registration and order.

Perhaps check if https://www.maple-hosting.com/ can help you out with an individual offer.

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Thanks for the recommendation however it seems like they are unable/unwilling to dish out something for me. As they just pointed to me to their VPS offerings.

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Nice peeps there :

This is what I NEVER understand about “managed” shared accounts. They haven’t even really solved my problems and I looked at both the Cpanel docs and found out what I had to do as a “step 1” (basically telling the subdomain associated with the add on to be HTTPS redirecting) and then this Mod rewrite index.html and www - Peter Coles as my “step 2”. To remove the trailing /index.html.

Ugh I feels so ripped off now that I paid MONTHS into this “managed” provider that I STILL have to waste my time and energy doing what the managed services shouldn’t have done in the first place (why else pay the rates they want right?!?!).

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Too bad :confused: Perhaps @Miguel can offer something? :slight_smile:


Thank you mate!

Definitely happy to help @Friendly, get in touch.

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You’re paying less than a dollar a day - that’s what you get.

Really? Even a fast food joint is usually better than this at servitude than this crap. Yet I can’t remember the last time I spent equivalent amounts.

Case in point if I am paying up to 10x for a comparable self managed account it better be good service bolted on.

Any who, a host fixed me up in ~12 minutes since I put in a migration request. Giving me and my visitors plenty of DNS time to give those other people the axe. Yet at almost half the costs even on a reasonably quarterly terms complete with 60 days money back promise. :+1:

So don’t tell me that 20 flipping bucks a month is “unreasonable” for human, prompt and effective tech support.

Yes, it is. You’re not asking for a fucking burger- you’re asking for an intelligent person who knows your configuration, and can offer support.

Basically, you’re an asshole.

Honestly 20 dollars is more than enough for a shared solution that is competent. As you can “stack” them, we are not talking about a managed VPS or something. Where you actually need dedicated admin hours on 10+ stacks per node PLUS clients’ needs. Instead you are only managing ONE stack and clients’ needs.

Shared hosting is cheaper because of the leverages at the provider’s disposals.

Make up your mind. Do you want to be lead by your dick, or can you handle it yourself?

You do realize that even system admins/tech savvy will turn to high grade shared hosting right?

To best explain what I means, here an actual example…

Me and my mom were discussing how to feed my cat due to the costs associated with feeding the diet I wish as a cat owner to provides to her.

We had two options…

A. Put the time and efforts to save a bit or so on the food by purchasing the food grinder, grinding the meats, organs, etc.
B. Just buy the frozen raw foods at a somewhat premium and get the assured that the food was safe for the cat due to the FDA regulations. So the company uses “high pressure treatment” to expose the foods to high pressure without causing the food to completely thaw out (water gets no more than 70F while the contents never gets higher than 38F) to kill the parasites, bacteria, etc while sparing the the good stuffs’ (enzymes).

Guess which option we did? Yup B even though that’s technically not self sustaining, it’s the most effective option despite the premiums to pay for it every month.

Same goes for a quality shared account. It’s more efficient for my projects that I actually needs to focus on. Rather than figuring out why Gmail won’t accept my email or why my flipping SSL goes out of sync (expiring) during after hours!

It’s also about how valuable / costly your time is. Time = Money, simple.

If you make / charge $100+ /hr, who cares about $20 or $50 a month for some managed stuff.

You can make more money by saving time.

Exactly, though it’s not as cut and dry as the hoster’s end.

Say if a host does charge 100 bucks an hour. In order to break even they would probably need to “fit” at least 7 “managed” accounts per work hour at $20/month/account. Just so they can pay the other fees to keep the lights on (literally too).

After that then they would be making a profit. So if you can manage 10 managed accounts in one hour then you would making ~$60/month/hour that you have to consume for these tasks. So if you have 20 then that figure is double assuming you only have to spend an average of 2 hours for those 20 accounts every month.

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I’m just using a bit of shitheaded tact to let you know that you’re demanding too much for what you’re paying.

System admin or tech savvy might pay more for hosting such as AWS for important web apps or services, such as my wife’s business web app, but their not paying a shit ton for managed shared hosting. ima hooker for cheap shared hosting since so many great options under 2-3$ month. Managed shared hosting seems pretty wasteful with Cpanel just about holding your hand through the whole process. Even providers such as Fran and drserver are always helpful with issues on their vps.

$20 covers like 20 min a month of support, anything more than that is just not worth the hassle for the provider. Spend that extra money, grab a few courses at udemy this Black Friday, learn your shit and save money