Options for Third Party Whois Privacy?

I’m getting super sick of the inconsistency between providers with providing whois privacy. Some of them are “free” but you have to manually renew them, some of them cost extra, and sometimes they randomly won’t work on certain domain names despite the domain supporting it.

Is there any third party service I can use that generates masked addresses/phone numbers/ and emails that I can manually paste into the whois for all my domains?

I’ve never seen a standalone service for it. I suppose the proper way to do it outside of the registrar, with universal details you can carry across multiple registrars, would be to register a legal entity that can conform to ICANN rules while masking your identity. Jurisdictions may vary, but surely it’s possible somewhere to register yourself as some type of organization that’s both legally recognized and doesn’t publicize your name.

Yeah, a Wyoming LLC.

Can’t you always find out who those belong to anyway? I always see articles about how celebs buy homes and properties under an LLC but they seem like they’re quickly found out…or is there somtehing about Wyoming that masks it? Do I need to be a resident?

The other thing that I don’t like about this solution is that it outs me as the owner of all my different domains. With Whois masking you can’t tell they’re all owned by the same person.

I already have a very secure PO Box and a normal mailing box solution that aren’t my home address but again these are associated with my name and I’m fully expecting that those addresses will show up in a leak some time or another.

Check out Wyoming. No names on record. Hire an agent for $20/$30 a year to write and deliver the paperwork. Pay them another $75/$100 a year for virtual office space and a real postal address.

Won’t get you a bank account but it will keep everything out of the public eye.

Edit: How to form a Wyoming LLC for $150 total - Done Same Day!

Interesting, thanks for that. I had a coworker who would file for LLCs like I pick up spare domain names, heh.

May not be super cost effective for me though overall. When I run into issues with registrars I can usually resolve them in the end by transferring etc and the cost is still less than the LLC option. Although transferring around is an extra cost to me, as a rule I don’t buy domains that cost more than ~30 dollars a year to transfer, and at least I get an extra year out of that.

I recently came across the somewhat unique registrar https://njal.la/ . They’re extremely privacy based to the point of actually owning the domains themselves for you. Was hoping they’d have a service like this but maybe no one wants to touch it due to liability issues? It seems like it wouldn’t be tough to prove you own the domain by checking a TXT record on DNS or something and it wouldn’t need to be so private that it was blocked even with court orders, etc.

Heh, maybe to provide additional “security by obscurity” I could register the Wyoming LLC with the intent of PROVIDING this service!

As for my situation, I’m just an average lady with some projects on a dedicated server that may turn into side projects one day, and I’ve thought about making a YouTube channel. I’m looking to cover my tracks in case I end up getting any overeager cyberstalkers over this :confused: I’m actually covered if my data leaks because I don’t generally use my home address on things but I just want an additional layer of privacy/anonymity.

Just get a german .de TLD.
There’s usually nothing shown in the WHOIS and the you can’t see any info about the owner from the DENIC (the only organization that would be able to give you such information) without valid request.

denic.de: WebWhois (look up “nicolas-loew.de” )


However, if the german TMG applies to you that will ne more difficult. In such case perhaps freenom with Whois Privacy Shield will be better?

Thanks, I didn’t know this fact about .de domains. Sadly the issue is that I have a bad habit of buying silly domain names when the renewal price goes on sale. This has led me to having some weird country domain names and domain names with crappy registrars that I don’t want to transfer out of because the fee has since gone up. Just was thinking it would be a relief to put in whois data from one place and not worry about do I have to pay a fee, does this country code have an issue, do I have to remember to renew, etc.

Check out https://do.de

It’s where my domains are and I believe they input themselves as Registrar.