Opera Update Adds VPN, AdBlocker, Crypto Wallet & More

So as the title says…
Opera newest updated adds some perks…
Free VPN
Ads Blocker
Crypto Wallet
Dark Skin
WhatsApp Integration (use Opera for messaging)
Facebook Messenger Integration (use Opera for messaging)

@Wolveix I deserve a cookie for not posting this on the The Ball Pit :stuck_out_tongue:


But… haven’t Opera had these features for quite a few months if not even years?

Who has used opera since they abandoned their own rendering system?

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@MrPsycho I have Opera for a good while and I use it from time to time, toda it updated and showed those as being part of the update.
The VPN is new for sure, the others… not so sure.

@WSS I used it sometimes when I want to check if cookies or cahce is messing with me. I use Firefox and Chrome regularly… so Opera is the one for the “checksum”.

Gotta say that lately, everytime i use Opera, it feels lighter than Chrome and Firefox…

Bring back Firebird 0.52, Netscape 0.9N, and Spyglass Mosaic.

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Umm… You must have been running a very outdated Opera then (probably the legacy branch). VPN was one of the first things from the list introduced. I can find articles on the VPN dated at 2016. Pretty sure the messeging integrations were there for at least a year too. The crypto wallet was introduced I believe in Opera 60, which is dated May 2019.

The Free VPN? not route it thru a VPN.

…yes: Free VPN | Now built into Opera browser (April 20th 2016) :sweat_smile:


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Sorry @Wolveix , here goes the cookie back to you … :frowning:

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Is it an actual vpn or (like with nordvpn etc) just a webproxy? There is a difference. Still nice :slight_smile: EpicBrowser also comes with Free Encrypted Proxy and Adblocker + Antitrack :slight_smile: It’s been my preference for a while. For comfort I often use chrome too, though. So yeah. One is chrome. One is built on chrome.

That’s why I dropped Opera… I used it from 2001ish until 2012. Even paid for a license back when it cost money. When they switched to Chromium, they removed so many of the features that made Opera unique (like tab stacking). I know some of the features have come back, but I’m not sure if all the features are there, even today.

I hear that Vivaldi has a lot of the old Opera features, but I haven’t tried it in a long time.

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runs on Chromium too