Revamps offers

So… for the people eagerly waiting for promos, Online dropped a late easter egg.

Due to a rising demand in consumer electronics, RAM and SSD exchange rates have surged, as we stated last year. It unfortunately means that we have to balance things out on our end by adapting the price of our newer Start-2-S and Start-2-M (previously the SC and XC servers) to €11.99 and €19.99 tax excluded.

Can I get a “oof”?

RAM and SSD exchange rates have surged

Sure, I can see the RAM prices causing issues. But SSD prices going up too? I find that hard to believe. Unless I’ve been completely oblivious, I thought SSD prices were dropping substantially, no?

According to a friend that owns an IT store, the prices did drop substantially but then reached a plateu and got a pump. Same happened with RAM a few years back.

I actually had this chat a couple months or so ago… maybe the effect to large corps like Online was felt a bit later. Or maybe they were taking the hit and now feel comfortable rising the prices. their prices still look good to me…

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tl;dr: raise prices, reduce setup fees, “revamp” nothing.

Their offer with 3x1TB SSD isnt expensive at all. Very tempting in fact.

Its nice if you are offering shared hosting in europe. But then again, Im not a fan of their network.

Frankly, their 24x 1TB SSD is very reasonably priced relative to similar offers. I ain’t paying for it, but someone doing high storage on SSD certainly would do well to not consider it over priced.

Me neither. Hetzner is much better.

Had not seen it. Hmm. Interesting price indeed.