On Field Team Tracking (Geofence) - Services

TLDR: I need to find a SaaS that offer Geo-Fencing for team members on the field. (for android)

The Objective.
Having a clear view of what the sales team is doing on the field.

What the sales team is supposed to do.
The Sales Team is supposed to visit their client’s location every X days/weeks.

What they do.
They visit the ones they like the most regularly, the ones they don’t like as much less so, and the ones that they simply don’t like, once in a while.

What needs to be done.
Management whats to know which clients are which, so that the salesperson can be made accountable as soon as possible.

Features needed.
Multiple Geo-Fencing Locations.
Geo Tracking

For the following to be possible.

  • Salesperson clocks at the beginning of the workday.

  • They go on with their lives and when they go into Geo-Fence loc A (client A) the app records when, and for how long. Then when the salesperson gets into Geo-Fence loc B, the app records when, and for how long.

  • Live GPS Tracking

  • GPS Rute Tracking

  • [Nice to Have] Tasks

  • [Nice to Have] Notes

I found some possible alternatives.

https://www.fieldsense.in/field-sales-force-tracking.html <— This one of free for up to 25 users but the sites make me uncomfortable.

I have this idea that there is this widely known SaaS that offers all this and more, but I can’t freaking remember their name. geez.

By the way, smarttask.io had these features, but they were deprecated :frowning:

Any suggestions or comments on the above mentioned SaaS would be greatly appreciated.