NVMe-Related Domain Names Auction

NVMe-related Domain Names and others.

  1. NVMeLoaded [.] com
    Registrar: Dynadot
    Expiry: 10th January 2021
    BIN: $50

  2. NVMeBackup [.] com
    Registrar: Dynadot
    Expiry: 10th January 2021
    BIN: $50

  3. Multihomed [.] net
    Registrar: Dynadot
    Expiry: 10th January 2021
    BIN: $30

  4. Workloads [.] org
    Registrar: Porkbun
    Expiry: 6th December 2020
    BIN: $30


  1. To participate in this auction, you’ll need to be a registered user here on HostedTalk with at least 10 non-spammy posts.
  2. The starting price for each of the domain name is $5, with a bid increment of $1 (minimum).
  3. Bid on the number and do not post/mention the domain name. (eg: 1 - $5 )
  4. No sniping. This will be enforced by extending the auction end time to an additional 5 minutes should there be any bids received within the last 5 minutes of the actual auction end time. If another bid is received within the 5 minutes of extended time, the auction will be extended further for another 5 minutes from the time the last bid was placed. The process will continue until no further bids are received for a 5 minute period and the highest and final bidder will win the auction.
  5. During the auction period, should someone claim the BIN for the domain, it will outbid any existing bids that has been placed thus ending the auction for the domain name instantly.

Payment Method:

  • PayPal (Payment to be made within 24 hours from end of auction. Winner covers PayPal fees, if any.)

Domain Transfer Options:

  1. Pushed within registrar.
  2. EPP/AUTH code will be provided to the winner should the winner chooses to have the domain name transferred out to a different registrar. Winner takes the cost for the transfer.

Auction Ends:
Monday, 16 March 2020, 20:00 (Stockholm)


BIN price added.

Gee thanks @Wolveix :slight_smile:

6 days to go.

5 days to go.

4 days to go.

I’m thinking about a niche “Job Porn” website for #4. Japanese like to work themselves to death too, so this could be a cross-niche kinda thing.

I love Japanese girls, but I hate working, except for the travel (sometimes).

However it would probably be filed somewhere between:

lebron.games, colocrossingh.(c)om or lowendlegal.(c)om under domains I need to get working on or put up for auction. King James, Lionel Hutz or JBiloh won’t return my e-mails, so expect an auction coming soon.

Edit: If your a Basketball and Black Sabbath fan (like isn’t everyone?) I also have bronnyjamesdio.(c)om in my collection.

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3 days to go.

2 days to go.

Last day.

Must have been the least active domain auction thread I’ve seen here … :thinking::man_shrugging:

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Haha yeah.

Oh well, can’t expect everyone to want everything :laughing:

I’d love a good 1 TB NVMeBackup solution, but I don’t plan on providing it, or would be able to pay for such a service … :laughing:

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That’ll be some prem backup right there :smiley:

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