NOVOS - Introduction offer 30% OFF Hybrid VPS in Belgium Antwerp

Happy new year guys from Belgium, Antwerp!

This is an introduction offer of our new product. Use code HT2021 for a recurring 30% discount + 2 months free with annual payment plan! Valid until Jan 7 or until stock runs out.

Why buy a storage and compute VPS if you can have best of both worlds in one offer?

  • 1x AMD Ryzen 3900XT vCPU (Base 3.8GHz boost 4.7GHz) - Fair share usage.
  • 1024 - 4096 MB ECC RAM
  • NVMe OS Disk space
  • Optional SATA Block Storage (125 GB - 20 TB)
  • 25 TB monthly traffic @ 1 gbps burstable port.
  • 1x IPv4.
  • 1x IPv6 /64.

Order 1024 MB RAM/20 GB DISK:
Order 2048 MB RAM/40 GB DISK:
Order 4096 MB RAM/80 GB DISK:


4096 MB RAM / 80 GB disk with 1 TB SATA storage will cost you €154 with annual billing or €15,40 with monthly billing (Prices exclude VAT for EU customers).

1 TB storage with yearly billing will only cost you €3.50 / month!


  • Instant delivery (See NOTE below).
  • DNS Manager
  • 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.
  • Colt IP guardian DDoS protection.
  • Triple replicated NVMe OS disk (Shared CEPH storage).
  • Free 50 GB backup space with every instance.
  • Free 1 snapshot with every instance.
  • Free HA (High-availability) on best effort basis.
  • 40 GBps SATA CEPH cluster with HGST Enterprise drives only.
  • A+B power feeds.
  • Fully redundant LACP network.
  • Proxmox/KVM virtualization.

Quick faq:

  • Test IPv4:
  • Test IPv6: 2a02:5940:c001::1
  • Test file:
  • VM suspends after bandwidth is fully used.
  • Torrenting is allowed but please only private sites and for personal use only.
  • No Microsoft Windows.
  • No Tor whatsoever (includes exit,bridge,relay and what more).
  • BGP announce not available.
  • No public porn hosting.
  • No public VPN.
  • No IRC.
  • No control panels (feel free to install one but no support on it).

NOTE: Every order will go through Maxmind fraudcheck. Please use real info and don’t order through a VPN. This will require manual verification and will delay your order.

Company info:

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No public porn

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