Node Migration + CDN Deployment

Don’t you run Discourse in Docker? That should be an easy way to restore.

It’s more like they run a tightly controlled series of docker containers that are meant to work together in a very particular way. Manually stepping outside of their controls makes for quite an involved and time consuming task, likely with a high error rate due to too many moving parts.


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HB logo doesn’t seem to work on the white theme (when I’m logged out):

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I ran NodeBB years ago for a forum for a gaming community, it was great. Migrated from SMF to there and it was a breeze.

But then again… not everyone wants to deal with node :stuck_out_tongue:. It certainly did have its quirks.

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Looks like it’s still pointing to the migration domain (…)


When you get a moment it would be cool to know what HB was running on and what HB is running on now (hardware). :slightly_smiling_face:

Well shit.

I figured I was just being enough of an ass I got blocked. Whatdya mean I’m still here!?

I’m severely confused by this behavior

I just checked this in an incognito window and it’s working fine, so I’m assuming it’s probably a cache-related issue. @Andrei, what is the logo’s src element pointing to? It should be

Also tested in incognito mode:

That image seems to give out an SSL error: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Looks like your version of HB is pointing to the temporary migration domain that @Jarland mentioned in an earlier post. Good luck figuring out what the issue is @Jarland :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s weird because it’s just the logo, the forum works OK, and it’s just when logged out.

It was doing the same for me and now suddenly it’s not. I think it might be caching related. It’s just weird because I shouldn’t have had that failure cached…

I wonder how many resource needed to run this forum?

EDIT: it’s just the logo on the ‘Minimalistic (Light)’ and ‘Standard (Light)’ themes.

@Jarland that could be due to the plugin which pulls an alternate image for the lighter themes.


4x CPU
16G Mem
160G Disk


8x CPU
4G Mem
500G Disk

It always had more memory than it needed, but disk space is growing and extra CPU is decent for burst activity. Also in the US now with CloudCone.


Alright, I’m about to re-enable to CDN on HB to speed up load times from further distances. With discourse that means bringing down the containers and rebuilding them, because discourse and downtime are best friends.