NexusBytes - 1+1=3

Happy Valentine’s day week fellow LESbians! Some of you lucky ones will celebrate the special day with your significant other, some lucky ones will celebrate it alone. We want to celebrate this special day with our beloved family members.

The Cupid shoot his arrow and here we are, sharing our final love-filled offer for Q1 and some extra love for Host Doc Refugees.

We won’t have any promo till Q1 ends and as for Q2, I got nothing planned yet. So don’t hold off. Chances are, plans won’t get any cheaper in the near future!!

1+1=3 Special, because sometime, 2 might not be enough :wink:

For our extremely popular NVME and Resource Pool plans:

Buy 2 VPS Get one Free for life!! This one is rare for us = Any billing cycle is eligible for the promo!!

  • Configure and Order 3 VPS’s of your choice.
  • Open a sales ticket with the subject: “1+1=3 Please!”
  • Please let us know if you would either:
    • a) Stack resources (CPU Core assignment maxes out at 12 core/vm, Maximum 1x/64 IPv6 Per VM)
    • b) Deploy VM’s As it is.
  • Your account invoice will be adjusted within 6 hours of ticket submission.
  • Service will be activated within 12 hours of confirmed payment.
  • If you order different configurations, the lowest amount will be adjusted.
  • Maximum 3 promo (Total 3 “Free” VPS per account).
  • Not eligible for Contract Buy-Out
  • Not eligible for switcher credit.
  • Canceling any VM’s from the bundle will void any discount.

Configurable AMD Ryzen Powered VPS: From $2.00/mo
Test IP and Test Download:: NYC Metro (US) | Los Angeles(US) | Falkenstein, Germany (EU) |

Configurable AMD Ryzen Cloud Pool VPS: From $6.40/mo
Test IP and Test Download:: NYC Metro (US) | Los Angeles(US) | Falkenstein, Germany (EU) |

Example configs for the Deal Hackers! (with 3x VPS-1G Plan stacking) :

Storage: 45 GB (60 GB With Annual Payment)
Bandwidth: 3000 GB (@1Gbit)
CPU Core: 3 @3.5+ GHz (Fair Share)
IPv4: 3
IPv6: 1x /64 (Not Available In Germany)
For : $6.40/mo with annual signup,

Storage Plan Special:
New family members : 10% recurring discount with Semi-annual or annual commitments : StorageLove10
Existing family members : 15% recurring discount Semi-annual or annual commitments: StorageFam15

Storage VPS Plans: From $3.2/mo!
Test IP and Test Download:: NYC Metro (US) | Los Angeles(US) | Falkenstein, Germany (EU) |

HostDock Refugee Offer:

Some extra love for HostDoc Refuge. In light of recent developments, HD customers are very likely not succeed in refunds, this is NexusByte’s final HD refugee offer to ease up the pain. If you are an active HostDoc customer, you are eligible for Contract Buy-Out special!!

Here’s the deal: Purchase a Nexus Bytes hosting plan on annual payment terms and we will provide service credits for the full amount for the remaining term of your current hosting plan or up to 4 months worth of service, whichever is the lowest. No minimum activate date requirement!

All promo expires on February 23rd , 2020, 11:59 PM, EDT.

You get the best $ value when you order with annual payment.

Quick FAQ:

Not sure if am comfortable hosting anything with you when you can’t even do basic maths, oh shit I already have a VPS with you.

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Actually, @SERIESN is very good at math :wink:

Let me know when 1+1=4 please.

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I’m hosting an Ark Survival Evolved server with @SERIESN 100% recommend!


Also recommend @SERIESN the AMD Ryzen 7 VPS I got is the most powerful I got CPU wise

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idk if I need to say anything


My math professor must be rolling in his grave :joy:

That’s college level math. Too hard.

You got room for more right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, thank you for the love and vote of confidence <3

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Your plan’s look good, Do you accept American Express.

If you order different spec VPS for each of the 3, which is free, the cheapest I presume?

Edit: oh yeah it does say in the OP. Been a long day lol.

Hey buddy!


Your assumption is 100% accurate.

ofc :wink: gonna get more as soon as I need some

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FWIW: I ran extensive benchmarks on different NexusBytes VPS a while ago and published a review at LET.

Result: Excellent, some of the best I ever saw.

As the price/performance/service ratio was very attractive I have become a NexusByte customer myself and found their service to be consistently good.

Highly recommended.


Thanks for the vote of confidence and love :heart:


I just had to post this


I would adjust it to

1 + 1 = 2+

Twins, triplets, or up :wink:

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