Nexus Bytes : Switcher Special + Free backup VPS + Free Windows + Free Blesta (NYC/LA/Miami/Germany)

Dear Friends and Family,

Hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Staying in and being quarantined isn’t fun for many but also a blessing for a lot (introverts, I am talking to you). But this is also the perfect time to kick start your project, that you have been holding off for who knows how long.

If you are looking to kick start your project, why not do it with a VPS, that is powered by Bad Ass AMD RYZEN CPU and blazing fast NVMe storage?

To top it off, we are also offering some solid Switchers Special and Contract Buyout offer to switchers, where you can get up to 4 months of free services :slight_smile:

Premium Ryzen and NVMe powered KVM VPS Starting @ 2/mo (with annual commitment) :
Configure and order here.

Premium Ryzen and NVMe powered Reseller Pool , with WHMCS Module starting @ $6.40/mo :
Configure and order here.

Storage VPS, perfect for backing up your precious contents. Starting @ $3.20/mo (with annual commitment) :
Configure and order here

We got something for everyone :slight_smile:

With Nexus Bytes, our family members will always come first! If you are an existing member of the family, use the code below for an additional 5% discount!
Coupon code : FamilyFirst

There is never a wrong time to be a part of the Family We would like to -

If you are already a member, don’t stop growing and thank you for continuing to support us! We appreciate you.

Checkout our Family Perks :


  • Multiple Locations : NYC Metro, USA | Miami, Florida, USA | LA, USA | Falkenstein, Germany
  • Test IP and Download
  • We Accept: Debit/Credit Card, Paypal, Paytm, India Netbanking, Boleto, AliPay, We Chat Pay, Bitcoin / BitcoinCash / LiteCoin / Ethereum
  • 48 Hours Refund Policy
  • Free Blesta Billing Software
  • Free Windows Server 19 or windows server 12 standard license with Annual Payments(VPS-2G and above)
  • Nested Virt Enabled
  • Custom ISO support
  • Hassle free rDns setup for IPv4 and IPv6 (USA Only)
  • All codes and plans are recurring. You will be grandfathered in if we ever increase pricing.
  • Promo Plan cannot replace any existing service.
  • Plan not transferable, not eligible for contract buyout/switcher. Only valid for new orders.

30% of your overall purchases is donated to COVID-19 Relief fund .


Quite a few questions if I decide to go with this long-term and consolidate a few VPSs in a few months.
Excuse the length:

  • For the 12GB RAM KVM, annual - what is the fair share of the CPU?
    What is the actual Ryzen CPU used on the nodes?
    I saw a CPU:LOAD ratio mentioned somewhere, so that means you’re limited to a continuous load of 12?
    What is the burst?
    I’ve seen the following, can you quantify this for the yearly 12G package?:

      "35% Average Usage
       Up to 100% burst for 25 minutes, every 6 hours."
  • Your homepage mentions extensive DDOS protection, yet the spec page says it is basic, more details please.

  • You mention that 30% of revenue is donated to COVID-19 relief funds, yet the announcement says this would have already ended: “till end of March, 2020.”
    Ignore the above, saw the update.

  • What is your policy on a personal Plex server - the AUP doesn’t mention this.

  • Do you maintain a status page with historical uptime records? If so, where?

  • What are the NVMe drives used and how is the actual disk performance on a current node.

  • Do you oversell, as in, if a user does actually need ~11GB of RAM and around ~200GB storage is that actually a problem? Tied to this, what is the CPU steal reported as on an actual node?

  • The Network tab doesn’t actually mention shared, is the Gbit link guaranteed-ish or is using the link to full potential within bandwidth limits a problem?

  • Your SLA has quite a lot of exceptions, elaborate? Has there been an incident where the SLA was applied?

  • Can you elaborate more on the free backup VPS? I can see x50 bandwidth and so on, but where is it located?

  • You mention: “Plan not transferable, not eligible for contract buyout/switcher. Only valid for new orders.” but there are no promos/discounts to begin with so what is not eligible and how?

  • Compared to say a CX51 with more RAM from Hetzner, what makes you a better option? Besides the more cores. Also the CX41 which is cheaper.

All the above for annual, 12VPS-12G, NYC.

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: this might seem like an interrogation but that isn’t the purpose :older_woman: I’m just wanting to make a move to a provider and stick there for quite a while :smiley:

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Finally someone who read everything and commented :).

For our end users peace of mind, we don’t strictly enforce fair share limits. However, if a servers cpu usage continues exceed the maximum acceptable amount as out lined below, for an extended period, we reserve the right to permanently enforce the following CPU Limits.

VPS-6G or VPS-12G:

  • 35% Average Usage
  • Up to 100% burst for 25 minutes, every 6 hours.

Essentially a no dick policy. Being a good neighbor is all I ask for.

Our ddos protection can protect against a variety of distributed denial of service attacks. This includes protection against common UDP based attacks , SYN, ACK, and TCP based attacks are filtered through our free DDoS protection, commonly targetted toward web servers and system applications.

Obviously we do not promote our self as the “come in and we tank it all” provider, but rather, “If somethings happens to you, we will try our best to mitigate without bothering your, unless we can’t”. Which is why we promote as “basic”. Should create a section with details. :slight_smile:

Don’t be a noisy neighbor, be respectful of the AUP. Crunching CPU is fine, pushing data is fantastic too, but don’t be the reason behind others discomfort.

Haven’t finished adding all the servers to the status page yet. I will PM you the link and password :slight_smile:

SSD 970 EVO :). Disk performance. Umm so far no complaints, fast and yet to see anything that suggests otherwise.

From one of the node, that is more or less full :slight_smile:

Everything minus CPU and Port speed is dedicated to you. Don’t have the energy to balance overselling. Not worth the extra dollar. Nodes are connected to the world over 10Gbit, each VMs are capped at 1Gbit max. Ports are not dedicated. Can you push 1Gbit? Yes. Can you push it 24/7? Negative.

From a node, that is super busy:

From a node that is half way full,

So far, on top of my head, I can recall once, where the scheduled downtime was longer than what we anticipated. Couple of the forum members here should be able to confirm. Sadly can’t recall which ones though.

SLA credits are applied automatically and proactively. At the same time, we take responsibility for what we control. Hence the exceptions. The goal is to not give away so much credit to a point, where we can’t afford to operate.

However, being a company, that is customer service focused, we tend to focus on doing what is right and while we don’t hand out credits like candies, we have been pretty generous, when things didn’t intend to go as expected (Refer to the above mentioned downtime incident). #FamilyFirst

Ah! Simple hdd nat vps, located in Hetzner NBG. Because the cost is dirty cheap. Idea behind nat backup vps vs FTP/SCP/Snapshot etc was that, you should be able to backup/retrieve the way you are comfortable. We took an extra effort to ensure, we don’t offer any service out of numberg, slaves are connected to a completely separate master. As much as failsafe as possible, when as long as we are in business and so is our DC, you will have a way to access your data, even if our main system gets completely wiped out or a dc catches fires/flooded.

Copy paste fail. Complete copy paste failure.

Same same but different. I don’t think there’s anyone who can ever directly compete with hetzner when it comes to price:quality. Plus there’s Helena and Katie, who are awesome. And then here is me. Kinda like comparing against walmart vs the departmental store around the corner :frowning: plus couple of value added stuffs on the family perks.

Questions today, saves on negative survey and charge backs tomorrow. I enjoy working with family members, who clearly knows what they want and what they are getting, while at the same time, happy to work with me, when things don’t work out as expected. Because things happens.

If it makes you feel any better, here’s the whmcs ticket feedback report for 2020 :slight_smile:


Phew, that was long :sweat_smile:. If I missed anything, please accept my apology ahead of time and hopefully, I answered everything per your satisfaction.

All the benches are based off NY :slight_smile:

Missed this one,
Mix of 3900x and 3700x. Mostly 3900x minus couple of 3700x here and there. Advertised cpus are sold as vCpu so, threads.


Thanks for taking the time to go through every single request. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I’d usually prefer smaller companies than larger ones when it comes to support and getting things done, so no dings there :smiley:

This is a great post to reference to if someone has questions!
I guess I’ll consider this very seriously in the coming months, you may have earned a customer.

Thanks for the status page to, it inspires confidence. :wink:


Thank you sir :). Would be happy to have you in the family :).

Appreciate your support my friend. Working on couple of other nifty things, that has been asked for a while now. Once those are live, proper status page should be good to go :D.

See you soon and feel to comment/pm me if you have any questions or specific requirements :smiley:

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