Nexus Bytes: Limited Refugee special for Web and Reseller Hosting (USA/Germany/Singapore)

Uncle Bob says, and I quote:

" <3 If you aren’t happy, breakup with your old provider, get away from that toxic relationship and take advantage of Nexus Bytes Awesome Switchers Special and Contract Buyout offer <3"

Here at Nexus Bytes LLC, we don’t have customers, we have family members. We strive and take pride in providing the best service and experience possible.

We are not here to sell you services, we are here to earn your business :slight_smile:

Don’t wait!! Join the family today. Take a Byte and find out why we are awesome!!

Trust Pilot Review

Promo Details: One time 50% service credit.

**How to redeem? Click me** - Code: EverythingWillbeFine (code will show 0% discount)
 - 1) Order with the above promo code.
 - 2) Once your order has been approved and activated, please open a ticket titled "**Switcher/Contract Buyout Special**". This must be done within 3 business days of activating your initial service with us.
 - 3) Upload a screenshot showing your current active service (From your current provider's client area)
 - 4) Upload a screenshot of the most recently paid invoice
 - 5) Within 7 business days, upload the service cancelation confirmation Screenshot from your current provider
 - 6) Within 9  businesses days of your initial Nexus Bytes service activation, upload a screenshot of the previous products status showing it was canceled.
- 7) Really not much flexible with the above rules. If it fits, it fits. If it doesn't, we gotta pay our bills too 
- 8) Once we have verified your documents, we will manually credit your service accordingly and will notify you by responding to the ticket.
  • Applicable Payment Term: Semi-Annual, Annual
  • Valid till: February 28th
  • Why no life time, recurring discount: Unless you want us to increase our price in the future, with very short notice, it is simply not possible.

Directadmin and Litesepeed powered Web Hosting from $1/month!

Directadmin and Litesepeed powered Reseller Hosting with free Blesta billing system from $2.5/month!

Quick FAQ:

  • Control Panel: Directadmin
  • Web Server: LiteSpeed
  • Free self restorable nightly backup.
  • SSH Support: For majority of the plans. Pop in a ticket :slight_smile:
  • Multiple PHP, python, node.js support: Yes
  • Fee SSL: Are you still paying for SSL? Who doesn’t offer Free SSL these days?
  • Daily email limits: 250/user
  • Reseller Resource limits are per end user
  • Do you use mailchannel/Relay etc: Negative. We do offer premium email hosting with awesome smart routing!
  • Cost for additional IP: $2/month , $6/Quarter, $12/6 month, $24/year
  • My order got flagged: Do not panic. We manually check each flagged orders within 12 hours and if we change order status, you will receive an invoice payment notification.
  • Migration?: Totally!! As long as you are either switching from Directadmin or Cpanel and can provide us with a copy of your backup files (if reseller, end user backup files), we will be more than happy to restore the backup for you. Please note, we can only do account level restore. If you are moving multiple domains from multiple providers, we won’t be able to restore them, unless each of them are restored as their own account.
  • For faster migration, pop in a ticket once you have uploaded a copy of your complete DA/Cpanel backup within your file system (via FTP/SCP).

#Contrary to what some may say, we are not just “hype”.

If you are already a member, please don’t stop growing and thank you for continuing to support us <3 ! We can’t really describe, how much we appreciate you.

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