Nexus Bytes: Holiday specials and epic giveaways

Who are we?

We are Nexus Bytes LLC - Affordable boutique servers, priceless bespoke experience | Your Web Hosting Partner.

What do we do?

We like to Party!!

Black Friday, Yellow Thursday, Purple Wednesday, here at Nexus Bytes Family, every day is super colorful and fun. We are super Nexcited to announce our limited World Wide Thanks Giving party!

Not going to bore ya’ll with many lines of texts, that no one likes to read. So here you go:

Linky Link to all our services

Promotion Summary

Ends on Thanks Giving day: November 25th, 2020, 11:59 PM (EDT). Last deal of the year for us to be honest. No Christmas special/new years special. We are continuing with our mission on cutting down promo based business, in favor of a healthy and quality journey. Mega Deals Thursday is going away as well.

  • For new Orders:

    • Coupon code: BF10-New: 10% discount on any new eligible VPS and email hosting orders. If you have purchased any eligible services from November 1st till November 16th, please open a ticket and we will readjust your plan :).
      • VPS-0.5G not eligible for discount.
    • Coupon code: BF20Shared: 20% discount on any new web/reseller hosting offer.
  • For existing family members:

    • Coupon code: Bf-Family-15-Up: 15% discount on any vps upgrades.
    • Coupon code: Bf-Family-25-Shared: 25% discount on shared and reseller hosting upgrades
  • Above Coupons are only valid with An Annual Commitment.

Thanking our family members with limited qty free goodies:

  • Coupon code: BF-Email-2G-Free:

    • 1 x Free Email-2G (powered by the awesome MxRoute) for our current and new family members with an active eligible service. Order here
      - Coupon code: Bf-Family-15-Up: 15% discount on any Email Hosting upgrades
      - Special notes:
      • Plans not eligible: Free hosting, Shared-1G, Starter-1G, VPS-0.5G.
      • Limit: Only 1 free email hosting per active family member.
  • Coupon code: BF-ApisCP-Starter: Free ApisCP Starter license with any eligible new and existing plans. Order Here.

    • Special Notes:
      • Following plans aren’t eligible. VPS 0.5G, VPS-1G, Storage lineup, any promo plans with less than 2GB Ram.
      • Since we also offer Directadmin Personal license for free, you may chose to keep only one.
  • Limited Qty.
    Did you know that we are the only provider here to offer an option of 3 premium control panel for free? Food for thought.

Well to be frank, you shouldn’t. Because, here comes the after party:

For the Cyber Monday lovers:

  • Thanksgiving raffle: 1 Lucky winner from all the orders, during this promo period, will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

We got something for everyone :slight_smile:

Checkout our Family Perks :


  • Multiple Locations : NYC Metro, USA | Miami, Florida, USA | LA, California, USA | London, UK | Falkenstein, Germany | Singapore | Tokyo, Japan
  • Looking Glass
  • Come feel the beat!
  • Don’t be dick policy applies
  • Nested Virt Enabled
  • Custom ISO support
  • /64 IPv6 (Not Available in Germany)
  • Hassle free rDns setup for IPv4 and IPv6 (Not Available in Germany)
  • All codes and plans are recurring. You will be grandfathered in if we ever increase pricing.
  • Promo Plan not transferable, not eligible for contract buyout/switcher. Only valid for new orders, unless stated otherwise.
  • True 24/7 support. Average ticket resolution time: 1 hour.
  • Accepted Payment Methods:
    • Debit/Credit Card
    • Paypal
    • Ali Pay
    • WeChat Pay
    • OXXO Mexico
    • Boleto Brazil
    • WebMoney
    • India NetBanking
    • Paytm
    • Sofort
    • Bitcoin / BitcoinCash / LiteCoin / Ethereum

There is never a wrong time to be a part of the Family

YTD Internal Helpdesk rating, by real and existing family members:


Awesome deals and family perks :smile:
(I’m going to have to install CentOS to try out ApisCP now.)


Precisely what I’m doing right now on my brand spankin’ new Nexus Bytes VM :heart_eyes:


I installed ApisCP on my VM yesterday seem like a solid panel moved a few sites to it.


Welcome to the family <3

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Let me know should y’all come across any issue :slight_smile:
@Razza @flips

Tagging the maker @nem


Those hands are fast.


Let me know as well. Defects that go unanswered whether bugs or UI flow always come back to bite you in the ass. It’s good to address these issues when they’re fresh.

Apiscp looks very solid.

Too bad I missed their last free offer.

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Will do. :slight_smile:
Quick question: @nem
Can I somehow enable passenger_mode, and still use lowmem/be able to disable enough to make it work with 1G RAM? (I don’t need email services, usually I just set my servers up to deliver root/cron email to an mxroute account.)

How about wireguard, can I run Nyr’s script without messing things up? :grin:

Where are the EPYC giveaways?

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-s has_low_memory=true -s passenger_enabled=true at install or after install:

cpcmd scope:set cp.bootstrapper has_low_memory true
cpcmd scope:set cp.bootstrapper passenger_enabled true
# Scrub the platform
upcp -sb

If it won’t install because of guest memory limits, add the following at install time: -s limit_memory_1gb=500 to bypass the minimum memory requirement.

How about wireguard, can I run Nyr’s script without messing things up?

Had a quick lookover, the only concern is DNS servers will be overwritten whenever the platform is checked for consistency if you use custom resolvers.

To preserve these settings, alter dns_robust_nameservers:

cpcmd scope:set cp.bootstrapper dns_robust_nameservers '[,]'
upcp -sb common/update-config

Lastly you can easily verify any potential conflicts by installing wireguard, then scrubbing for platform changes with upcp -sb. If you run into any reported changes you’re unsure of let me know!

playing around with the trial too, I guess the 1click web app installs works with WP and Nextcloud, but Discourse nor Ghost seems to work.

Fixed in edge. Hop on that branch in the meanwhile. It’ll be fixed in the next release to be released this week :+1:

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Thanks @nem, great answers. Wonder if my VPS will have enough juice to also run AirSonic advanced in Docker. :wink: Running both AirSonic and Jellyfin at the moment. (Wonder which one I’ll end up with, if any. Mainly miss shuffle and repeat in PlexAmp.)
Certainly never had CPU issues with my @SERIESN VPS’s. :heart:


You are a bit slow today.

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Hopefully you picked up one with us <3

I did. I have several services with you already.

Good service so far.

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