NextCloud Block Storage Help

Hey, I have a VPS from DigitalOcean that I’m using for NextCloud, I tried to setup Block Storage but couldn’t seem to get it working. The server is running Ubuntu 18.04 and NextCloud was installed using “snap”. I want NextCloud to use the block storage for storing everything that’s related to NextCloud.

Could someone help me out with this, please and thanks. Just PM your Discord.

If you attach the block storage to your VPS you should be able to mount it just fine?

After mounting, point datadirectory in your config.php to this folder and make sure the user PHP runs under has full access to that folder. Lastly, if enabled, loosen your basedir restriction settings.

What step are you currently at? Any pointers to errors you’re experiencing?

Original that’s what I ddI but I kept getting a Internal Server Error, and tried everything I could think of and couldn’t get it to work.

You should have a heads up in the servers error log and/or the PHP error log and/or the nextcloud error log.

Do you have Discord?

Yeah but it makes more sense to leave our conversation out here to see for others who might have similar issues

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When I kept having the issue, I reinstalled NextCloud and just left it alone, now I want to attach the block storage. I was asking for your Discord so we can go step by step to make sure I’m doing everything correct.

We can do the same thing here with the added benefit that it can be helpful for others who stumble upon this thread.

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