Is this site reliable?


Thinking on buying this:

Notebooksbilliger is trustworthy. Maybe you can consider purchasing there? Seems to he same offer/price. I recommended the Deal on Notebooksbilliger (link below) to a friend about a month ago and they said everything worked fine (1 year + 3 extra months, 15mo total; 71€ish). Leaving it here just in case: detected

I got the link from mydealz a while back.

Newegg is one of the biggest sites for buying hardware etc. so yeah, they’re reliable :smiley: But you can probably find this cheaper elsewhere as @Ympker suggested


NewEgg used to be very reliable. You really need to check the sellers now, anything not sold directly by NewEgg means NewEgg is just handling the payment transaction and then handing you off to someone else.

That product seems to be legit, but be wary.



@Wolveix @Ympker @SonOfAMotherlessGoat

Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it.
Luck has it that I posted and left to a family member’s house, then my phone battery died… So 15 m ago I came home and found that my laptop windows decided to update itself, fine… better that way when I out… I start clicking next on those screens that tell you about thew advantages and so on… and then … BAM, one of the post-update screen was an offer to get Office Family for 50% less :scream: direct from Microsoft.



Yeah Newegg was solid and nice. Then they got sold to a chinese company. Their quality has gone downhill significantly. But still better than some no-name retailer on the internet.

Copied a post I did elsewhere almost a year ago (feb 12, 2022) about Rottenegg and how terrible they were then, can’t imagine it’s gotten any better really:

short version: fuck Newegg. new shit coming out on how bad they are.

slightly longer version: gamer nexus tried to return a motherboard they ordered but didn’t need. a board that newegg already tried to get fixed by the manufacturer but refused to pay for and just stuck it back up for sale. they rejected it saying gn broke it when there were labels on the motherboard proving it had been sent for repair previously, which he traced down the full story from.

yesterday it seemed like Linus (Linus Tech Tips) even hinted at some problems with their dealings with newegg on their livestream and linus vows to not deal with them at all for anything for minimum 6 months.

now others are coming out with their own stories, like UFD being screwed out of ads and even a charity stream item they didn’t actually send the winner the item. then once the above stuff shows up, newegg dumps in 3 times the money they owed to UFD basically to shutup and not add to their problems. so he made a video exposing it all & refused the money lol

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Oh yeah I remember that.

Yeah GN did a great job covering it.

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