New vulnerability - light bulbs

Apparently intel makes light bulbs, and now none of us are safe.


I got one in my bedroom.

and another one in my toilet.

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Your Christmas tree is watching you.

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Does your room have a window?

If so, it’s compromised:


Thank you. It seems these were the techniques used by the Romanian Intelligence Service, to find and confiscate all proof held by some people, which incriminated a highly ranked official dignitary in Romania (known pedophile), so politicians can cover his ass and clean all his records before any attempt of trial.

For the past years I asked myself how they found out the precise locations of proof in hiding, trying not to believe in conspiracy theories; but it seems they applied physics and science that I was not aware of at the time, to listen and find the precise hiding spots.

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Patched with a lampshade.

Although that’ll vibrate too I guess :open_mouth:

Oh no!


Invasive spying is so often justified for catching these people and, I have to confess, it makes a really good reasoning because I cannot shed a tear for them.

You got it all wrong @Jarland - Romanian Intelligence Service spied on some people, to get the proof from their houses, and protect the pedophile (because the pedophile is an official dignitary).

Edit: I know all this, because a friend of mine had multiple images and video evidence (seen them myself) which were taken from his house by “legal” action. Politicians protect themselves and their relations. I would provide more details, but I can’t, because I do not want my children to grow-up without a father. I hope you understand why this thread is sensible for me too.

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That’s infuriating


Sadly, not a revelation, or exclusive to Romania. Universal.