New NOC Drawings out in Dallas

Hey All,
Since this community is so familiar with the data center formerly known as Incero, I wanted to share with you a rendering of the new NOC we are about to build out there (Dallas). There are a few items we need to change but this is what I have today and gives you a pretty good gist.


Thanks for sharing! It’s looking good :slight_smile:


Damn, that’s sexy!


Damn, fancy dual 16:9 widescreen monitors. Usually companies like to throw in one 17’’ 4:3 monitor and call it a day.

Where is Ryan going to be sitting?

Wherever he wants I suppose.


He will of course lead the knights of the hivetable!

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Alas, what is his direct extension going to be! :heart_eyes:

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Awesome. New people being hired?

Just for curiosity, people who work in Hivelocity (and also datacenters in general) are required to have degrees? Or if you find somebody who is a pro you can hire him no matter what he studied?

Again, just curiosity. A lot of big companies (not datacenters, we don’t have too much) here prefer to hire someone with a degree without any knowledge (and spend time and money on them teaching their stuff), than a person without degrees who can solve a problem in minutes.

Enlightening commentary. Do you make other noises as well?

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We put more weight into experience and having an inherent love of computers. When someone tells me about their computer lab at home and how they have a server rack in their closet…that is when I know we found a good one, degree or not.


You would say the same if you were stuck using a crappy square (4:3) 17” Dell monitor.

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Ohhh, I must have misunderstood your ewwwwww. You see, you meant for emphasis on the e and I was reading it with emphasis on the w’s. My apologies. A single monitor of most any size simply will not do. I am a 3 monitor guy myself.

Are you sure about that?

I’ve found two monitors to be optimal, though three can still be productive. I had five at one point, it was entirely pointless for my use-case.

I’d like dual 21:9.

I use one at work, I don’t know how to plug another one in to my MBP, it only has one HDMI output. Sure Google has the answer, I will 2 monitors for my home office soon.

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No worries — I was just joking around with this:


Thunderbolt dock will probably do the trick or a simple thunderbolt → hdmi cable

#ARP, would be my pick.