New domain i managed to grab + site review

Hello guys!

These days i managed to grab somewhere a premium considered domain that was first in an ownership of a chinese guy[wut?], the day it expired i ordered it in a normal price.

the domain:

Also created a site for it to show-off my designs and themes i sell, what do you think?

Do you like the domain for such services + the current site design?

Best regards,


Liked it?

Just a friendly advice, add a disclaimer that WHMCS, etc. trademark/copyrights is owned by the WHMCS Limited (or WebPros Holdco B.V.) and that you are not in any way related to the company.

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You are probably right, will get into it!

Thanks mate!


Well done.

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Awesome catch @armandorg

Site design is catchy and fast to load! Good luck.

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This is good stuff. Now do the Blesta side as we count down the days until the mass migration.

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