Networking-Related Domain Name Auction

Networking-Related Domain Name Auction

Domain: VLANs [.] net
Registrar: Dynadot
Expiry: 20th March 2021
BIN: $150


  1. To participate in this auction, you’ll need to be a registered user here on HostedTalk with at least 10 non-spammy posts.
  2. The starting price for the domain name is $5, with a bid increment of $1 (minimum).
  3. Since it’s just a single domain auction, just place your bids without mentioning the domain name.
  4. No sniping. This will be enforced by extending the auction end time to an additional 5 minutes should there be any bids received within the last 5 minutes of the actual auction end time. If another bid is received within the 5 minutes of extended time, the auction will be extended further for another 5 minutes from the time the last bid was placed. The process will continue until no further bids are received for a 5 minute period and the highest and final bidder will win the auction.

Payment Method:

  • PayPal (Payment to be made within 24 hours from end of auction. Winner covers PayPal fees, if any.)

Domain Transfer Options:

  1. Pushed within registrar.
  2. EPP/AUTH code will be provided to the winner should the winner chooses to have the domain name transferred out to a different registrar. Winner takes the cost for the transfer.

Auction Ends:
Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 19:00 (Stockholm)


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1st up!


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$6 - Rovox outbidding @imok

$6 - Rovox

6 days to go.

I have a crisp $7 bill left to my name that says this domain is mine.




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@imok are you really going to do @shallow dirty like that? :open_mouth: :rofl:


I was hoping to flip it. Make a cool $3 and have $10 for Black Friday deals. Gutted.


Throw a forum on it, I’m your first member :laughing:

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$8 - imok

5 days to go.

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$9 - Rovox outbidding @imok

$9 - Rovox

4 days to go.


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$10 - ReadyDedis outbidding @Rovox


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$11 - 5even outbidding @ReadyDedis

$11 - 5even

3 days to go.