Netdata - Awesome System Monitoring Tool


I’ve been trying Netdata on a few of my servers, and it’s awesome. Real-time monitoring of Linux servers (collects thousands of metrics every second) but somehow has very low CPU usage. Really cool.

I was previously using Munin, which runs every 5 minutes and causes a big jump in CPU usage whenever it runs. Netdata is much more precise, useful and collects much more data, yet uses significantly less CPU power.

I have it up here if you want to see a demo:

The only downside I’ve seen is that it’s only focused on realtime monitoring, so it only keeps an hour of data default. It keeps it all in RAM (~15 MB for an hour of data for 1000 metrics). It’s amazing for that use case though. For long-term monitoring, you can stream the data into a time series database. I’m using Prometheus with 120-day retention to track longer-term trends, and it’s working really well.


Thanks for supplying a demo! I might have to give this a proper look when I have the time :slight_smile:


They do also have a few demos on their site, but I thought I’d provide my one too :slight_smile:

Something I found amusing is that when I was running both Netdata and Munin, I could actually see the CPU usage spike every 5 minutes when Munin ran. That wasn’t visible at all on the Munin graphs, since it’s only measuring CPU usage every 5 minutes, and measures it before doing all its heavy processing.


Netdata is great :slight_smile:


Interesting, as I have a unique case that requires what was going tobe Munin, think this is a perfect time to try Netdata, will comment post install


Did you like Netdata?

I ended up uninstalling munin-node from all my servers, and switched to Netdata everywhere (except on Windows servers, as unfortunately it doesn’t work on Windows yet). I installed Prometheus to archive historical data, and created some custom dashboards through Grafana (example:


I got Netdata running on a couple personal servers of mine. It works well and I really love the Dark Theme & just the overall UI itself.


I gotta tweak the Netdata config on my FreeNAS box. Keep getting spammed with the high packet/bandwidth notices when I move anything bigger than like a gig on my LAN.

Other than that, it’s quite nice.


Which alerts are firing? They might actually be legitimate (for example, if your send/receive buffers are too small, the system could be dropping packets).

Having said that, I had to tweak a few alerts too. The emails mention the files that contain the alerts, and there’s a script in /etc/netdata to make a copy of the file that you can edit (sorry, not at my computer right now to check the exact path).


net_packets.em0 “10s received packets storm = XXX%” - just telling me the box was idle and then a transfer at full gigabit hit it.

So it does. I have just been ignoring them :joy: . Other one was the ram usage warning… which doesn’t do much for me either, of course it’s going to eat ram - it’s ZFS. It returns to normal after 5 mins every time.


The command to edit the alert config is something like this:

sudo /etc/netdata/edit-config health.d/net.conf

It’ll make a copy of the default config into /etc/netdata and open it in your editor. Then just disable the noisy ones by setting to: silent or by tweaking the threshold :slight_smile: