Netcup VPS 1000 G8 Plus - Flash Sale

This BF offer is coming back on today’s flash sale. I have one from BF and I’m happy with its performance so far.

Processor: 4 vcores
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: 750 GB SSD-Performance
Traffic: 40 TB @ 1Gb/s port

Price: €7.49 (incl. 19% VAT)
Contract period: 1 month
Billing period: 3 months


Pay close attention, folks. 1 month contract, 3 biling. You’ll need/want to request a refund AFTER paying 3 months if you don’t want that.


I have way too many Netcup products already; I wish I had some reasons to buy more :sweat: I have to renew a couple of them in May as well.
Almost 1 year and a half in, top notch services so far. Contrary to some reports I’ve seen elsewhere, I’ve enough nines to fill an auditorium and 0 or close to 0 steal, even on non-root products. As already noted multiple times, be aware of what you’re going to buy beforehand: they assume you’re aware of their ToS and of German Laws in general.