Netcup Root-Server 2000 Flash Sale

Netcup are offering RS2000 free for 3 months then €12.99p/m on 6 month billing with 12 month contract.
Only SSD can’t find SAS, so 60GB but 4 dedicated cores and 16GB RAM.


With SAS woudl be awesome! 60GB.meh

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I was kind of hoping to find a SAS version. Maybe they will offer something around Easter

I’ve used sas and could not justify it some months ago :wink:

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offer gone, what a pitty

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Tend not to even consider vm s but it could be a good replacement for my virmach vm ( bf) if they happen to make some sort of deal next bf

NetCup is pretty decent. Just watch for the terms you are agreeing to- some of these crazy specials require you to keep a 12 month contract, and 2 payment period, or other goodness.

I ran personal-production there for a bit over a year, but saw the future coming down the pike and hopped like hell out of Germany even before Europe banned the internet.


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