requires DHCP?

I’m trying to boot any live cd or linux utility using but all of them fail to load. It seems they need a DHCP.

Can they boot using a static IP or i’m doing something wrong?

Also they should put a “back/edit” button on every step.

One mistake and I have to restart the server… which takes several minutes :sweat_smile:

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That’s for booting netboot, which works fine.

I was referring to the live isos.

It’s easier if you have dhcp, but shouldn’t be required, pretty sure I’ve manually set the info before somewhere and then done it.

From the link above, for manually entering, it’s:

set net0/ip
set net0/netmask
set net0/gateway
set dns
ifopen net0

or if you have dhcp


and then run the chain to do the boot from their server once you have proper network setup (note the http, some ipxe don’t like https)

chain --autofree

After that, it should just all work since it’s got the info loaded for network. Maybe there is some iso that then ignores all that config, would depend on what one you are trying to load perhaps?

I think that you can press “m” at the beginning to enter a special menu that lets you configure networking before launching the iso.

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In the end, I realized it was easier to create a raid device without leaving my current OS

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I always just reflash because I don’t know what I’m doing :upside_down_face:

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