Need help with DNS server

Hi There, I am planning to setup new DNS servers like:

But I am still confused which software to use. I was greatly leaning towards PowerDNS until I saw that PowerDNS is going messy when it comes to deleting zones on slave servers. It does not do that! And to do that, we’ll have to run scripts on slave servers through cron.

Now, I am leaning towards BIND but none of the documentation is clear enough to give me an idea of how to setup MASTER-SLAVE configuration correectly. It will not just be used for 1 domain but about 10000 zones or even more…

Do you guys have any suggestions of which open source DNS servers to use or which way I should go?

UPDATE: It will be a free service for my customers… That’s why It’s architecture should be scalable!

I’ve used both, but never for more than one zone.

If you’re having trouble setting up AXFR with from the slave, maybe just use PowerDNS for the slave and Bind for the master. There’s no need for them to be the same.

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At last, I did the MySQL replication thing! The problem with AXFR is there is no way to tell the slave server that a Zone has been deleted. MySQL replication worked out perfectly fine!

That makes a lot of sense. I hadn’t thought of this.

I would just remove the zone on the slave manually since I usually just have one zone per server.