Need help for domain registry validation

So I was trying to use some of my name servers but it looks like I cannot do it because I get the error code 541. Which looks like it’s because my nameservers aren’t registered to a certain registry?

Actually I never heard of that thing and does anyone have an idea where i should sign up?

Looks like namecheap gives you the option to create glue records for your own DNS Servers:

Maybe this is what you are searching for?

Aye that’s it. An easy one to forget if it’s been enough time since you’ve done it.

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Yeah i am using enom but i am not sure if it’s this. The thing is that let’s say i want to use other name server than the default one and i simply get the error my name servers aren’t registered to the registrar level (from what i understood)

try another dns service like cloudflare

Custom nameservers have to be configured at the registrar as GLUE records or they won’t work. It is custom nameservers you’re trying to use right? Like ns1.yourdomain.tld?

Mhmmm well here i simply use some CNAME at CF because I don’t remember where i saw it but it was “the way to do it”

Yeah i am trying custom name server but simply cname often for some reason i can easily do it with a lot of domains except the .ch and .de

Most systems will let you set the nameservers without the GLUE records, they just won’t work properly.

Whether using CloudFlare or anything else as the back-end, the GLUE always needs to be set at the registrar if you’re going to use custom names. They push it back to the parent TLD.

Mhmmm would it be possible to still have CF, i don’t see any possibility but we never know.

So it would be in the records directly on the registrar ?

Can you elaborate on what you want to do exactly?
What we told you about with the GLUE Records is only used if you want to set the Nameserver as a subdomain of the domain you want to set the Nameserver for (maybe someone else with better english skills can explain it better :sweat_smile: ).
Example: You want to set and for the domain

Yeah i get what you mean. Well the thing is that i currently have
they are all cname going to the ENOM ns records so like ns2…
But the issue that I have is that when I try to use my name servers that are tenically simply “redirects” to the on of enom I get an error that my nameservers aren’t registered to the registrar level?

GLUE records has to be A records on the TLD level, AFAIK …