Need Guidance with Resource Dividing

Hey, so I’m getting a new node for my side project and with this one I have some different requirements.
Right now I am using solusvm to provision vps but on this new node I want to be able to divide it before I install solusvm.

I’m getting Dual Xeon L5640, 64GB RAM, 3x 960GB SSD.
I want to make 3 VDS out of it, 2 of them will have 16gb ram each and rest will have 32.

My goal is to make sure that one of them doesn’t slow down the rest where disk IO is concerned.
or is just making KVM containers enough?

A VDS is just a fancy term used sometimes for a KVM with dedicated resources.

KVM you can do thing’s like I/O limits / QOS, not sure about via SolusVM as in the past there limits where a bit hit and miss if they worked.

However something like Proxmox can do this down to IOPS and throughput per an individual virtual disk.

Depending on the level of redundancy needed you could even split your 3 SSD’s between each VM so they each have 100% of the I/O avaliable on each disk, however you would then loose any disk lost protection from RAID.

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Thank you for the comment @ashsg.
My plan was to put them in raid5 and give 200gb ssd to each VPS with 16gb ram, so that sorts them.
However, I’m not sure if solusvm can limit the iops or not. Any insights from someone already using are appreciated. I will probably get the dedi seutp done today

Generally you don’t want hard IO limits, you want a fair share based system.

Won’t work, leave 10% to account for overhead and the hypervisor itself.

Also, careful about mdadm RAID 5 with SSDs, I haven’t had exactly great success regarding the performance of such setup.

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