Need free hosting or free vps

I’m have to build my project but i don’t have any hosting or vps.
Please help me for free.
Can anyone provide to me a free hosting or free vps?

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But free plan not enough bandwidth for my project. I need more

Welcome to HB, sgorki!

You have to keep in mind that resources (obviously) cost money. This is why providers don’t go out handing everyone free servers – it simply makes no business sense.

Having said that, if you provide more details regarding your project, you might have a higher chance of finding someone who is willing to provide the resources for free.

Good luck! :]

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I think still meets these kind of requests. What kind of project are you working on? Will you be advertising the host willing to sponsor your project. Not saying that will help your cause, just saying not many hosts are willing to just give out a free VPS without details of knowing what they are getting into.

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I have too many vps. I’m happy to hand one over to you for free. If you want an openvz in los angeles with 50gb 4 cores and 2gb let me know.

FreeVPS closed down on the 30th of June. They’re doing a full archive on the 30th of July iirc :frowning:

Will miss FreeVPS though - it was far more useful than the cesspool that LowEndTalk has become.


Depending on your project requirements you may want to look at wishosting’s OpenVZ Mini. It’s NAT based. They are giving it away for a backlink on a website (in i.e in footer). It’s not a performance beast, but considering it’s price ($0) you can’t expect too much. The bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem. The main downside will probably be IOWAIT just like with most NAT OVZ servers. Here are details: How to get OpenVZ Mini for free?

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Yes, give me,please.

Help me.

He literally linked you to the guide on how to get it…


Pm me your email address and I’ll email the details to you.

Maybe there’s a reason why we bash people who ask for free servers on LET…

At least show some effort lol


Next post: “WootHosting is boom” :joy:


I haven’t got a PM from this guy yet haha

first step when i create project is make coffee, and coffee cost money.

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my email: [email protected]

I PM’d you with the details, I just wanted your email address as something to give the upstream for abuse etc.

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