Need Beta Testers

Hi guys,

So I’m testing a new panel for our new location in Miami, I’m in need of a few testers to help me check for bugs etc and give some decent feedback and to say thank you for the help I will in return credit your account with $5 plus another 5 to pay for testing.

All are kvm based, located at Quadra Net, Miami and have only ipv4 right now because we are working on ipv6.

If you are interested sign up at and let me know your email so I can add the credit.

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How long will your test period last? I.e. till when can we sign up.

The account will always be there as I intend this to be the final version except a few changes but iv been testing this with a few other users now for about a month and basically the testers I need will basically just be say a few days at max as I only need to make sure we can sustain the load of people.

So short answers is 48 hours your account will stand but the credit in your account after that is yours to do as you please, ecah vps is billed by the hour. So we will basically give 10 dollar free credit but at this stage its more of a sign up to get free credit so I can test how the servers and panels handle the load, come maybe Sunday or Monday I will be releasing offers to public.

Care to share? Is it your own self-made panel or maybe ProxCP/Fleio?

Well it’s not those two no :wink: iv been trialing hypervisor for some time and working with the developer debugging and testing and generally making sure things work, I’m at the stage where I would consider it stable enough to test and release

Tested it with @Bopie. I like the panel so far :slight_smile:

Bopie, you owe me 1000000 zimbillian dollars for my vouch.

I will give you 2000 ZWD :wink:

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I knew Bopie from back in the day. He’s a pretty cool dude and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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I mean I may be another slang word for a penis :wink:

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After I submitted my registration, the page did not respond.:sweat_smile:

This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.

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This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



Why you want to refuse my connection :stuck_out_tongue: don’t you love me?

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Sorry guys iv switched 180 since iv had a dew people testing for me and now we are going with a a different panel however this offer is still open for people to test it, If you do want to any way just register here,

Once activated you will get an email to confirm your account once confirmed let me know your email and ill credit your account :smiley:

@mlc @BlaZe

LOL, the panel UI is different from what I saw before.

You are correct.

I would to just test your service this is my email: REDACTED BY STAFF: please send your email in a PM to the thread owner


Thanks guys for all the help, we have completed beta and it’s now in stable production so there will be no more free credit, sorry for anyone who didn’t get this

I did send you a PM before this comment. Am I not applicable? :frowning:

This looks like Virtualizor – wasn’t it supposed to be some custom panel? Or did I miss something?