Need Anycast VPS

Our Company is planning to build AnyCast DNS but as you all know, only few companies are offering it. One of them is BuyVM but its limited to US. Are there any companies which have presence in Europe, APAC and US as well offering AnyCast VPS/Dedicated Servers?

p.s I already know about BYOIP and other IPv4 stuff but thats costly and we can only lease them… Starting with IPv6 is easy but the world is still running on IPv4! Poor World!!!

Also interested in this. Was looking to build a cheapo CDN without paying for GeoDNS. Maybe @Francisco may know some of his competitors that do the same as him but at more locations :pleading_face:

Also Netherlands, no?


Basically, Anycast VPS is an insanely niche offering and at a certain point you price yourself out of the budget market. We have 3 locations involved, so users must buy all 3, even if they only need US only for instance. If we enforce more locations we’re going to start getting groaning. I think our best option would be to just make it so anymore locations we add (like Miami), we automatically route all of its users to New York by default, but a user could use BGP with us, announce their anycast IP they have with us, and ‘add’ Miami at any time.

The only other company that offered it was HV but they started in the 4 figures+/month range. Rage4 had a tunnel based offering but I think they stopped offering that as well.

It’s hard to compete and sell the product when we’re over here giving it for free.


Really new to anything BGP related, could you point me to an article or video explaining how would one announce their own anycast IP?

Create BGP sessions, just like any other announcement! It’s costly, that’s why searching small!:sweat_smile: